Application of Transmittance Meter in Plastic Lampshade Industry

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With the development of the times and technology, incandescent lamps have gradually been eliminated by people.Because incandescent lamps not only emit light but also heat, which has caused a serious waste of electricity resources.Incandescent lamps are slowly being replaced by LED cold light sources.Because the LED lamp is a cold light source,its lampshade is also gradually replaced by plastic from the original glass.

  1.The role of plastic lampshades

Plastic lampshade is a kind of LED lamp accessories,its function is to better converge the light, make the light more concentrated and softer. Avoid the LED light penetrating your eyes. And this kind of lampshade has the function of diffusing light, which can make the light spread evenly into the space and make the lamp more suitable for its function.However,such a lampshade must be detected by a transmittance meter and its light transmittance value must be within a certain range.Otherwise,light energy will be wasted too much in the lampshade.If the light transmittance of the lampshade is within a reasonable range, then the light will be scattered to each space through the film layer. 

2.The light transmittance value and characteristics of plastic lampshade

 Glass lampshades are generally fragile.The plastic lampshade is not only easy to break, but also has high light transmission,high diffusion,no dizziness and no light,shadow.If the plastic lampshade is used reasonably,its light source will be concealed and the lampshade will effectively adjust the light diffusivity and light transmittance.The light transmittance value will reach the maximum without seeing the lamp beads.
     For the transmittance of frosted plastics,it is generally required to use a transmittance meter to measure the transmittance of 80% -89%,because the transmittance of frosted materials is relatively low.The transmittance of ordinary non-frosted materials generally requires that its transmittance value be measured with a transmittance meter to reach 94%.If the transmittance value is lower than this value, resources may be wasted.

3.Choose the appropriate transmittance meter test lamp cover

LS117 transmittance meter

The Linshang LS117 transmittance meteris an instrument made using the principle of diffuse transmission with an integrating sphere effect.The probe uses the integrating sphere effect can receive light more uniformly and completely.Not only the transmittance of the material but also the optical density of the material can be measured.The instrument has the following characteristics:

  • The measurement accuracy of the LS117 transmittance meter is high and the optical density value can reach O6D.

  • The measuring range is wide. The instrument is suitable for testing the transmittance and optical density of opalescent translucent materials, matte matte materials, aluminized films, films, X-ray films, lens inks and other materials.

  • The LS117 transmittance meter uses a diffuse transmission light path design and has an integrating sphere effect.

  • The applicable light source of the instrument is 380nm-760nm, which complies with the CIE photopic luminosity function. Make sure to pass the inspection of metrology institute test.

  • The instrument has two measurement methods: handheld measurement and fixed measurement. Fixed measurement is suitable for small size materials and handheld measurement is suitable for large size materials.

It can be known from the above that the plastic lampshade is also divided into ordinary materials and frosted materials.And the Linshang LS117 transmittance meter is an instrument suitable for frosted material testing.The instrument can not only measure the light transmittance of plastic lampshade,but also can test the optical density value.For details, please view the official website of Linshang!



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