Surface Anti-corrosion Treatment and Paint Thickness Meter

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Surface treatment is an important part of anticorrosive coating and a key step to ensure the anticorrosive effect.In the surface anticorrosive treatment industry,several key points of the basic surface treatment process quality inspection and used paint thickness meters are arranged as follows:

1. Surface blasting treatment

There are also names such as anchor pattern processing and smoothness processing.This link is generally used as an antirust treatment to improve brightness and smoothness or to improve the surface roughness (peak-wave trough:28-230um) to increase the post-painting coating, coating and anti-corrosion adhesion.

Detection instrument:Anchor pattern meter(digital display surface roughness meter)

2.Temperature and humidity measurement

Before the coating is sprayed,if you want to obtain a good spray plating effect,you must measure the surface temperature,humidity,cleanliness and other indicators of the component being sprayed.

Testing equipment:dew point meter

3. Spray treatment,anti-corrosion treatment and electroplating treatment of the surface coating of non-metallic materials

The pipeline and container manufacturing industry is a common surface anti-corrosion application field.After being put into use, along with environmental factors such as buried and exposed surface weathering and corrosion of liquid in the pipeline, it will affect the product itself.Therefore,the measurement of the pressure-resistant pipeline thickness and the wall thickness of the container is very important.

Testing equipment:ultrasonic coating thickness gauge

4. Painting treatment,anti-corrosion treatment and electroplating process of metal surface coating

Generally used to increase the corrosion resistance of materials such as workpieces,pipes, and containers.The thickness of the coating is generally between 3um-50mm.

Testing equipment: paint thickness meter (coating thickness gauge, paint thickness gauge)

LS223 paint thickness meter
Paint thickness meter test coating thickness

Coating thickness measurement has become an important part of the quality inspection of the processing industry and surface engineering.It is a necessary means for products to achieve superior quality standards.The paint thickness meter can conveniently and non-destructively measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on ferromagnetic materials,such as zinc,copper, chromium coatings on steel surfaces or non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic metal substrates, such as paint,enamel,Thickness of coatings such as plastic spray. Paint thickness meters are widely used in the surface coating inspection of machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical, electroplating, plastic spraying, enamel and other industries.



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