Linshang Spectrum Transmission Meter

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Now our common computer monitors,mobile phones and other digital products emit a lot of blue light,which seriously endangers the health of the human eye,so a blue light-resistant film has also been born.This film has higher blocking effect on short-wave blue light,but still has a good transmittance for long-wave blue light.In order to detect the anti-blue light film, Linshang Technology has introduced a professional spectrum transmission meter LS108.

Why does the anti-blue film need to be effective in blocking short-wave blue light? This is because blue light can increase the amount of toxins in the macular area of the eye and prolonged exposure can cause damage to retinal cells, resulting in decreased vision or loss of vision. But it is worth noting that blue light is not all harmful.The blue light that we often say is harmful to the human eye refers to short-wave blue light within 400-440nm.And blue light in the 480-500nm range can regulate biological rhythms.On the contrary,it has certain benefits to the human body. Therefore,the anti-blue light film mainly blocks short-wave blue light.

The LS108 spectrum transmission meter is mainly suitable for measuring the blue light transmittance of 430nm,the purple light transmittance of 395nm and the light transmittance of 550nm. This instrument is often used in various anti-blue film,anti-blue glasses industry.As shown in the figure below, it can be seen that the transmittance of this film at 430nm blue light is 87.5%.

spectrum transmission meter

Recently,many customers have also put forward more requirements for testing the blue light rejction rate, such as customizing an spectrum transmission meter with four light sources (410nm, 430nm, 450nm, 470nm).As can be seen from the figure below,the anti-blue light film short-wave blue light rejection rate of 410nm is 88.5% and as the wavelength increases, the rejection rate gradually decreases.

spectrum transmission meters

Of course,if you have other wave band testing requirements,you can also consult us.If we can help you find the appropriate light source and accessories,we can also provide you with a customized spectrum transmission meter.For more product issues,please feel free to contact our professional technical staff.