How to Choose a Film Thickness Gauge?

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The film thickness gauge is a small high-tech portable tool, mainly used to measure the thickness of non-conductive coatings on non-ferrous metal substrates, such as plastics, paints and rubber coatings on some substrates such as zinc and copper. It can also be used To measure the thickness of the anodized film on the aluminum substrate.

With the development of science and technology and the progress of the industry, the film thickness gauge application has become wider and wider. There are three main types of common film thickness gauges: magnetic film thickness gauges, eddy current film thickness gauges and fluorescent X-ray film thickness gauges.

The magnetic film thickness gauge is based on the principle of magnetic induction. The magnet enters the non-ferromagnetic cover through the probe of the film thickness gauge and finally reaches the ferromagnetic body of the film thickness gauge. The thickness of the test material is measured by calculating the magnetic flux. It Is mainly used in the field of oil and gas reservoirs;

The eddy current film thickness gauge is the same as the magnetic film thickness gauge, which uses the electromagnetic field for testing. The difference is that the eddy current film thickness gauge uses the size of the eddy current formed by the electromagnetic field to measure. 

LS221 film thickness gauge

Fluorescence X-ray film thickness gauge, as its name implies, is measured by the particles emitted by X-rays after absorbing energy and becoming a stable state. This type of film thickness gauge has the highest technology content and is widely used.

So, how to choose a suitable film thickness gauge? Different industries have different requirements for film thickness gauges and their models are also different. Generally speaking, for higher accuracy and better repeatability, the film thickness gauge is helpful for manufacturers to judge the problems in the process through abnormal film thickness data. Whether the raw material is faulty or the spraying equipment is faulty, try to solve the problem. When purchasing a film thickness gauge, you need to pay attention to the following important functions.

  1. The calibration data shutdown retention function. When the instrument is turned on, it does not need to be recalibrated. After the instrument is turned off, the calibration data will be retained for the next use. That is, it is not necessary to perform calibration before each use.

  2. Stable output on rough, hard surfaces. Minimize the impact of manual operations on the data, reduce the error range and improve the accuracy of the data.

  3. Data statistics function. The selected film thickness gauge equipment needs to understand the parameters of the equipment and what statistical parameters can be output.

  4. Device reminder function. Many customers cause data errors due to improper operation. If the device has a certain effective measurement, fault report or misoperation reminder, we believe the experience is better.

In addition, when choosing a film thickness gauge, you can also communicate with professional sales staff to choose the most suitable one rather than the most expensive!



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