New Detection Artifact on the Used Car Market-Car Paint Meter

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According to data from the National Statistics Department, in 2018, the market transaction volume of used passenger cars and other models of second-hand cars has increased significantly. As everyone knows, the situation of the used car trading market is complicated and the information of buyers and sellers is asymmetric. We must consider the life of the car, the number of kilometers and the safety factor when buying. Even experienced car brokers may make wrong judgments. However, with the advancement and improvement of technology, the car paint meter has become light, easy to operate with low cost. It provides a reliable basis for the detection of second-hand cars, allowing consumers to buy back a car with a good price.

Now, car paint meters have taken advantage of the non-destructive measurement of the non-magnetic coatings thickness on the magnetic metal substrates surface. The working principle of the car paint meter generally adopts electromagnetic induction method to measure the coating thickness. The operation method is simple and the measuring probe in the working state is placed on the component surface under test. Through the closed magnetic circuit formed, as the distance between the moving probe and the ferromagnetic material changes, the magnetic circuit will change to different degrees, which will cause changes in the magnetic resistance and probe coil inductance.

When we buy a second-hand vehicle, we can measure the paint thickness of different positions of the vehicle according to the QC T 484-1999 Paint Quality Standard provided by the General Administration of Quality. The vehicle was manufactured in the original factory by uniform spraying by the machine. The paint film thickness was uniform. After leaving the factory, manual sheet metal painting was used to repair the car body damage caused by improper user operations. However, manual technology is not enough to make the paint thickness uniform and thin as ever and even the best technicians cannot meet the standards of machine spraying. With this feature, the car paint meter can help people accurately measure paint surface thickness for consumers' reference, avoiding accident cars being refurbished.

car paint meter

LS220 Car Paint Meter

Of course, for those who do not have a lot of experience, they should still pay attention to the use methods to avoid incorrect information and incorrect evaluation basis caused by improper operation. First, the probe must be in direct contact with the surface of the overlay. Eliminate the interference of dust, fine chips, grease and corrosion products. Then, when we make zero adjustment of the car paint meter, the tested substrate surface must also be clean and free of contamination. Finally, if you feel that the measurement results have a large deviation, please use the plastic calibration film provided by the instrument for a round of testing to confirm whether the machine itself is faulty or improperly used.

Technology has changed lives and the great performance of the car paint meter in the second-hand car market has indeed brought us a lot of surprises. If consumers have plans to buy a used car, don't forget to bring the car paint meter.