Application of Paint Thickness Meter in Various Industries

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Cars are closely related to our lives and paint thickness meters also play an important role in the automotive industry. As we all know, the thickness of car paint is related to the quality of the car itself. Especially when buying a used car, the uneven paint thickness may mean that the car is repainted after impact wear and the overall safety will be greatly reduced. The paint thickness meter can detect the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on magnetic metal substrates such as steel. Naturally, it can be used to detect the coating paint thickness on the car. In addition, the chrome plating of the mold, hard chrome plating of the roller, chrome plating of the car surface and accessories zinc all require coating thickness detection, so that the workpiece can be more effectively protected. The data tested by the paint thickness meter are accurate and objective.

Paint thickness meters are also used on a large scale in the manufacturing of steel structure products. The most critical quality testing links are inseparable from it, such as bridges, supports, iron towers, ship plates including common highway guardrails and printed circuit boards. The use of paint thickness meters can efficiently and accurately measure coatings, varnishes, enamels, chromium, galvanized and other non-conductive coatings, becoming a necessity for these manufacturers.

LS223 paint thickness meter

Not only steel structures, but the development of aluminum companies has entered a new stage. The paint thickness meter is also of inestimable value to the aluminum profile industry. It is mainly for the detection of the oxide film on the surface of aluminum profiles. Importantly, this means that paint thickness meters are indispensable. Accurate measurement can not only obtain product quality parameters in time, but also save materials. Relevant national policies also stipulate that steel mills must be equipped with paint thickness meters.

Preventing pipeline corrosion is an important part of pipeline engineering. Proper treatment of the pipeline surface can prevent corrosion from occurring. Specific methods include spray painting, anticorrosive coating and powder coating. The paint thickness meter is used to test whether the coating on the outer wall of the pipeline meets the national standards, thereby determining whether the pipeline construction meets the standards. The petroleum energy industry needs to use pipelines for transportation for a long time. Once the coating is not up to standard and causes leakage, it will bring huge economic losses. It is urgent to do a good job in testing. Therefore, the use of paint thickness meters is of great significance.

To sum up, in the chemical, electronics, power, metal and other industries, the coating thickness measurement is the most important process necessary for the quality inspection of the finished product in the metal processing industry. It is an effective way for the product to achieve high quality standards. The Linshang paint thickness meter perfectly solves these problems, fully improves production efficiency. It is a good assistant for manufacturers.



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