How to Correctly Use Coating Thickness Gauge?

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1. What is digital coating thickness gauge do?   

The digital coating thickness gauge, as its name implies, mainly tests the film thickness. The digital coating thickness gauge is mainly used to test the coating thickness on the metal substrate. Including the film layer of the PCB board process, the Ni / Cr coating on the alloy, the paint coating on the metal and so on. There are two types of digital coating thickness gauges: handheld and desktop. The handheld digital coating thickness gauge is simple to operate and easy to carry, so it is most widely used in practice. According to the type, the digital coating thickness gauge can be divided into three types: magnetic thickness gauge, eddy current thickness gauge, fluorescent X-ray thickness gauge.

LS221 digital coating thickness gauge

2. How to correctly use coating thickness gauge? 

In the process of use, many novices do not know how to deal with the use of the digital coating thickness gaugedue to improper operation. We summarizes and describes the processing methods in the rest part of the article.

  1. The digital coating thickness gauge cannot be turned on. First check whether the battery is charged and whether the battery is in good contact. Check whether the electrode pads have been oxidized or rusted. You can replace the battery or scrape the oxide layer. If you still can't solve it, look at the button and finally look at the host line failure. If so, you can consult the after-sales customer service staff.

  2. The digital coating thickness gauge measurement is not accurate. In general, the error range follows ≦ 3% (thickness value) ± 2um. The instrument can be calibrated first and then tested after calibration. Check whether the front end of the probe is intact and place it on a horizontal position on a smooth surface. Note that the probe is perpendicular to the sample. You can also make multiple measurements to reduce accidental errors.

  3. There is no change in the measurement data of the digital coating thickness gauge. If there is no change in the results measured by the digital coating thickness gauge, you can check whether the probe is damaged, check the relevant host circuit. If the problem is the data loss caused by abnormal power failure, you can try system calibration.

  4. The digital coating thickness gauge is turned on but no data is displayed. In this case, there is a backlight and a beeping sound. You can check whether the LCD module is broken, whether the LCD cable is broken due to the external force of the instrument, whether the related main circuit is faulty. If the thickness of the instrument is immersed in water or oil, you can send the instrument back to the manufacturer for maintenance.
    Failure of the digital coating thickness gauge is inevitable. If there is a failure, learn to deal with it, adjust the instrument to ensure that the output of the result is correct.
         Linshang digital coating thickness gauge is of high quality and easy to operate. It is an indispensable tool for users to measure thickness. At the same time, Linshang has a mature after-sales system to help users solve various problems and create the ultimate user experience.



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