Car Paint Meter

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There is such an instrument: Although it is small in size, it is a well-known "artifact" in the industry. It can measure the car paint surface thickness non-destructively, making it scary and frightening. So the question is coming, can you guess what it is based on the prompts? It is a car paint meter.

LS220 car paint meter

The car paint meter is used to measure the thickness of the electroplated layer or coating on the metal surface. Specifically, it can measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings (paint , ceramics) on the magnetic materials such as steel and iron. It can also measure the non-conductive coating thickness on non-metal substrate.

Generally, the thickness of the original car paint is between 100 ~ 200μm. If the car has been repainted, the paint thickness will increase significantly, which may be 500 ~ 1000μm or even a little thicker. The standard name: "QC T484-1999 Paint Quality Standard" stipulates:

  1. First: According to the standard of cheap pure entry-level economy mini cars (the price of bare cars is less than 50,000), the paint thickness can not be less than 90μm. We can say that the paint thickness requirements of this grade model are comparative low. Paint thickness below 90μm is considered to be paint-cutting.

  2. Second: For Aoyu's standard of 50,000 yuan for any model, this standard has to be raised a little; the minimum paint thickness cannot be lower than 120 μm (hard index). Paint thickness below 120μm is regarded as cutting corners, so we can use car paint meter to check the real condition of the car.

The car paint meter has the characteristics of small measurement error, high reliability, good stability and easy operation, etc. It is an indispensable testing instrument for the thickness measurement of used car paint.

The car paint meter can perform high-precision non-destructive testing on the thickness of various protective coatings on various metals and alloys.

Linshang car paint meter adopts compound injection molding process, the body is very sturdy, anti-slip with high-definition backlit display. It easily copes with various dark environments. The instrument can be used in minus 20 degrees temperature environment. There is no problem in winter in Northeast!  It is no doubt the industry artifact.