Recommend a High Quality Coating Thickness Gauge for You

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As we all know, "measurement accuracy" is very important in the field of hardware and engineering. If the accuracy is inaccurate, even a deviation of a few micrometers may cause some large errors in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to equip a coating thickness gauge in the working environment such as construction and hardware measurement. In the field of coating thickness gauge manufacturing, Linshang coating thickness gauge is the most trusted and one of the products with the most extensive brand influence.
       Linshang coating thickness gauge LS221 uses the principle of Hall effect and eddy current principle to accurately measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on ferromagnetic metal substrates the thickness of the non-conductive coating on the non-metal surface. It is a dual-purpose coating thickness gauge for both iron and aluminum, which can be used in most current engineering work environments.
       Linshang coating thickness gauge LS221 attaches great importance to the convenience and efficiency of the product. Therefore, the dual-function measurement technology is specially used to automatically identify magnetic or non-magnetic substrates according to the actual needs of users. The automatic conversion can be completed within 0.5s. Even if the detection environment changes constantly, this coating thickness gauge can also play an active role. With its own lightweight design, temperature compensation technology and other advantages, it can quickly complete inspection tasks in various complex environments. Some people may question whether the Linshang coating thickness gauge will sacrifice the detection accuracy in exchange for superhuman first-class detection speed? This is of course nonsense, because this move violates the original intention of the Linshang coating thickness gauge. The Linshang coating thickness gauge has a negative number display function, which can ensure the accuracy of the zero calibration of the instrument to improve the test accuracy. Therefore, in terms of detection accuracy, Linshang
coating thickness gaugealso has strong product advantages.

coating thickness gauge

In addition to strong adaptability and exceptional convenience, the functional design of the Linshang coating thickness gauge also attaches great importance to the practicality of the product, adding many humanized design elements. For example, in order to further enhance the battery life and solve the problem of frequent charging for the user, this Linshang coating thickness gauge maximizes the battery utilization efficiency, adheres to the micro-power design.
     Linshang Technology specializes in the development and production of inspection instruments for 11 years. Later, it will also launch a higher-precision small-size coating thickness gauge, so stay tuned!



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