Application of Anti-Corrosion Paint Thickness Detector

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We don't know if everyone has observed that the paint actually has its thickness, such as steel structure anticorrosive paint. Corrosion-resistant coatings for steel structures are relatively thick because they have to be anti-corrosive. For steel structure anticorrosive paints, three primers, intermediate paints and topcoats are generally required. The thickness of steel structure anticorrosive coatings is different for indoor and outdoor requirements. Chinese national standards clearly specify the minimum thickness of anticorrosive coatings for steel structures.

According to the “Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Steel Structure Engineering”, it is required that the outdoor coating thickness should be 150 microns and the indoor coating thickness should be 125 microns. The allowable deviation is 25 microns. The allowable deviation of the dry paint film thickness for each pass is 5 microns. According to the coating thickness, the fireproof coating can be divided into three types: ultra-thin steel structure fireproof coating, thin steel structure fireproof coating and thick coating steel structure fireproof coating. The coating thickness is not more than 3 mm. It is an ultra-thin fire-resistant coating. It can be sprayed, brushed or roller-coated. It is generally used on construction steel structures that require a fire resistance limit within 2 hours. The coating thickness of 3 to 7 mm is a thin coating type fire-resistant coating, which has better decorativeness than a thick coating type. The construction is sprayed. It is generally used on building steel structures that require a fire resistance limit of not more than 2 hours. The coating thickness is 8 ~ 50 mm, which is a thick coating type fire retardant coating. Its fire resistance can reach 0.5 ~ 3h. Spraying is generally used for construction and it is mostly applied to indoor steel structures with a fire resistance limit of more than 2h.

After knowing the thickness stipulation of steel structure anticorrosive coating, how can we accurately measure the thickness of steel structure anticorrosive coating? This has to mention the measuring instrument such as anti-corrosion paint thickness detector .

Linshang anticorrosive paint thickness detector is a professional instrument for detecting the thickness of anticorrosive coatings. This instrument is a magnetic and eddy current dual-purpose anticorrosive paint thickness detector. It is suitable for coatings, varnishes and enamels on ferromagnetic metal substrates such as steel. Measurement of non-magnetic coatings such as copper, chromium, zinc plating, etc., can also be used for the measurement of non-conductive coatings such as coatings, anodized layers or ceramics. It is also applicable for automotive paint coating thickness detection.

LS221 coating thickness gauge

The above is the relevant knowledge about the thickness of anticorrosive paint thickness detectors for measuring the thickness of anticorrosive coatings on steel structures. In the actual purchase process, the anticorrosive paint thickness detectors should be selected according to the specific application scenario, because it requires anticorrosion in different fields. The types of paint thickness detectors are different and the products produced by different anti-corrosion paint thickness detector  manufacturers are slightly different, so we must learn to distinguish carefully and choose the most suitable anti-corrosion paint thickness detector.



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