High-precision Paint Thickness Tester Makes Measurement Easier

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With the advancement of science and technology and the deepening of industrialization, our lives and production require more accurate measurement technology and coating measurement is one of them. High-precision paint thickness tester can be an important monitoring instrument for us to select products and inspect products. At present, there are many types of paint thickness testers on the market, because the quality, use, test method and test object are different. The common paint thickness testers use ultrasonic thickness measurement, magnetic thickness measurement, eddy current thickness measurement, radiation thickness measurement and electrolytic thickness measurement.
      The correct selection of the paint thickness tester can allow us to test the quality of the product, just like a golden eye. A high-precision paint thickness tester LS221 developed by Linshang Technology is highly respected by users in the market. It is an instrument that can professionally detect the metal surface coating thickness. Using the Hall effect and eddy current effect principles, it can accurately measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on ferromagnetic metal substrates and the thickness of non-conductive coatings on the non-magnetic metal substrates. The LS221 paint thickness tester is also the darling of the testing equipment in the second-hand car trading market, processing and manufacturing workshops.

LS221 paint thickness tester

The LS221 high-precision paint thickness testerconforms to the national standard "JJG-818-2005 Magnetic and Eddy Current Covering Thickness Gauge Verification Regulations" to ensure that it passes the Chinese national authoritative metrology agency inspection. Adopting the split design of the host and the probe, it is convenient to view the data while testing under complex test conditions. After continuous verification and improvement, the instrument presented to the user can quickly and accurately measure the coating thickness without damage. It can be used in laboratories and engineering sites. For example, the metal processing industry, hardware industry, shipbuilding industry, aerospace industry and other fields all rely on such appliances for testing.
       Specifically, this LS221 paint thickness tester has all the outstanding performance. It can automatically switch the measurement modes based on the measurement substrate- magnetic and non-magnetic substrates; Advantages such as: digital probes, stable status; lightweight design, easy to carry; temperature compensation technology, large ambient temperature range; micro power design, energy saving and environmental protection.
      Finally, we would like to remind everyone that although the LS221 high-precision paint thickness tester has excellent working measurement performance, the operator should still pay attention to prevent incorrect operations during measurement to avoid affecting accuracy. We keep the tested object surface clean, excluding edge measurements, curvature effects and magnetic interference. Please read the product manual carefully before operation, which will help accurate measurement.
      With the popularization of high-precision paint thickness testers, we can make production with quality, guaranteed testing and a better life.