Precautions for Use of Coating Thickness Meter

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 There are many factors that affect the accuracy of measurement data. If there is an error in the measurement data, many customers will think that it is a problem with the instrument. In fact, incorrect operation can also cause errors in the measurement data.

1. Use coating thickness meters properly

When the coating thickness meter is used to measure the coating, the probe needs to be pressed vertically on the measured object surface. If the measurement is tilted or shaken, the accuracy of the data will be affected. The probe needs to be checked before measurement. If there is a foreign matter on the probe surface, the probe needs to be cleaned. In addition, if you use a coating thickness meter based on the principle of magnetic induction, you need to pay attention to avoid magnetic field interference. The strong magnetic field environment generated by the surrounding electrical equipment will seriously interfere with the measurement results, causing the measured data to be inaccurate. It may even cause failures such as crashes due to magnetic field interference during the measurement process.

2. Proper storage of the coating thickness meter 

The coating thickness meteris a high-precision measuring instrument, so it must be handled with care when it is used and be properly stored after the measurement is completed. If it is not properly stored, the sensitivity of the probe may be reduced and the accuracy of the instrument may be affected.

LS220H  coating thickness tester

 3. Make zero adjustment of the coating thickness meter before use

If you are using the coating thickness meter for the first time, you should read the manual in detail before using it and follow the steps in the manual. Taking the coating thickness meter produced by Linshang Technology as an example, when the instrument is used for the first time, after changing the battery, when changing the measurement material or the temperature suddenly changes, in order to reduce the measurement error, a zero adjustment operation should be performed. It is strongly recommended to use the same uncoated workpiece surface for zero adjustment (because there may be differences in physical properties such as magnetic or conductive properties between the measured material and the zero board). If there are no uncoated workpieces, you can use the aluminum zero board or iron zero bpard provided by the manufacturer to perform zero adjustment. Please select the corresponding zero board according to the different measured materials. Linshang coating thickness meters only need zero adjustment and no calibration is required. Measurement can be started after zero adjustment is completed. This instrument is very fast in measurement, it can complete a measurement in 0.5s.
       If the instrument fails when using a coating thickness meter , do not disassemble the instrument yourself or the precision parts inside the instrument will be easily damaged. The instrument should be returned to the manufacturer for repair by qualified service personnel. Linshang, as a professional coating thickness meter manufacturer, provides customers with the most comprehensive after-sales service.
● The warranty period of the instrument is one year. If the instrument fails, please send the entire instrument to our company for repair.
● Provide users with spare parts for a long time and provide life-long maintenance services.
● Provide users with instrument calibration services.
● Provide long-term free technical support.