IR Ink Working Principle and Transmittance Detection | Lens Transmission Meter

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IR ink is a functional ink that selectively transmits infrared light and blocks visible light and ultraviolet light. It is mainly used in various smart phones, smart home remote control windows, capacitive touch screens, etc. This instrument has a wide range of uses. This article will introduce the working principle of IR ink and the significance of measuring its transmittance with lens transmission meter .

1. The working principle of IR ink

Take the TV remote control that we use in our daily life as an example. If we need to turn off the TV, we usually press the power button on the remote control. After pressing the button, the remote control will emit near infrared rays and reach the filter device of the TV. And make the sensor sensitive, the sensor can convert the light signal into an electrical signal, so that the TV is turned off.
      IR ink is used in the filter device. Printing IR ink on the PC or PET sheet on the filter surface can realize the selective transmission of light. It is very high in near infrared (mainly 850nm and 940nm). Visible light and ultraviolet rays below 850nm are blocked. The function of the filter device printed with IR ink is to prevent the sensor from being operated by other fluorescent lamps and visible light.

2. Significance of detecting IR ink transmittance

  For IR ink manufacturers, the use of a professional lens transmission meter can detect the IR ink transmittance of different production processes, to achieve the effect of controlling and optimizing the production process. For example, the transmittance of IR ink can be changed by adjusting the addition amount of various solvents, the angle of the doctor blade or adding the formula mother color to the ink and finally meet the customer's needs.
     For some other industries that use IR ink print, using a professional
lens transmission metercan detect whether the transmittance of samples or finished products provided by the ink print manufacturer meets the standard and improve the quality of their products.

3. How to detect the transmittance of IR ink?

lens transmission meter

To detect the transmittance of IR ink, you can use a professional LS108A or LS108D Linshang lens transmission meter . Both instruments can detect visible light transmittance at 550nm and infrared transmittance at 850nm and 940nm. The light source of the instrument is designed with reference to the parameters most commonly used in the IR ink industry transmittance detection. The use is very simple, just need to align the tested material with the corresponding test hole.



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