LS108A and LS108D Lens Transmittance Meters

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Many users often misunderstand the 108A and 108D lens transmittance meters during the purchase of the instrument.Below we will find out the similarities and differences between the two products.

LS108A lens transmittance meter

1. Same points:

  1. The two lens transmittance meters are similar in appearance and are equipped with the same software.

  2. The measurement data is the same, measuring 550nm visible light,850nm or 940nm infrared

  3. The measurement accuracy is the same,the measurement accuracy is"better than ± 2% (colorless uniform light-transmitting material).The accuracy is better than ± 1%" when detecting with factory standard sample.

  4. The power supply method is the same.

2. Difference:

  1. The measurement aperture is different.The LS108A lens transmittance meterhas a test aperture of 1 mm and the LS108D has a test aperture of 0.5 mm.Due to the small test aperture, the application field of LS108D lens transmittance meter is wider.

    LS108D lens transmittance meter

  2. LS108D lens transmittance meter has two measurement modes:fast mode and slow mode.Fast measurement mode is suitable for large-volume test on the production line,slow measurement mode is suitable for manual alignment test.And LS108A lens transmittance meter does not have this function.

  3. The price is not the same.The LS108D lens transmittance meterprice is higher than the LS108A due to the small test aperture and convertible measurement modes.The tax price of LS108D is 2,890 RMB and the price of LS108A is 1,446 RMB.

In fact,although the measurement accuracy of the LS108A and LS108D is marked as ±2%,the measurement accuracy is actually higher.Taking visible light as an example,the difference between the 550 nm measurement data and Shimadzu visible light measurement data is only 1%. These two lens transmittance meters have a USB interface and come with computer software.In the production process,you can set the upper and lower limits to count the qualified,unqualified products.You can also set the over-limit alarm and export the data which brings you more convenience.



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