What Industries can UV Power Pucks be Used in?

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With the development of science and technology, UV LED light sources are used more and more widely, because the market demand for UV LED light sources is increasing. Although UV rays sometimes hurt our skin, they can be used more often. Let's take a look at which industries can UV LEDs be used in?

I. Application of UV power puck in curing industry

UV power pucks are widely used in the curing industry. They are usually used in curing machines, curing ovens, ink curing, etc. The curing principle is to add a UV-sensitive photosensitizer to some adhesives. Then use ultraviolet-sensitive materials in the adhesive and use a UV lamp with a peak wavelength of 365nm to irradiate these adhesives for a certain period of time. Then the material will be cured. Sometimes some products use halogen lamps with a peak wavelength of 380nm in order to pursue a good curing effect. However, the disadvantage of halogen lamps is that they do not cure well for some relatively thick UV inks.
      When curing with ultraviolet light, under the condition that the ultraviolet light power is constant, if the curing time is not enough or too long, the curing may be unstable or defective. When the UV light source is used for a long time, the light source decays and the light source decays when the optical power value does not meet the standards. When the optical power value does not meet the standards, defective products also appear. Therefore, UV power pucks come in handy. We use UV power pucks to regularly detect the ultraviolet light source of the curing machine. Prevent defective products caused by curing time or curing energy not meeting the standard. 

2. Application of UV power puck in medical field

 UV power pucks can be used not only for curing medical devices, but also for treating skin diseases. The principle for curing medical devices is the same as above. For the treatment of skin diseases, halogen lamps are used to kill epidermal cells and the light source enters the dermal layer to enhance the cell's metabolic function. Ultraviolet rays can treat many skin diseases such as hair loss, folliculitis, psoriasis, neurodermatitis and so on.
     The main problem of halogen lamps for medical treatment of skin diseases is the attenuation of light sources. If the light source of the halogen lamp is attenuated and we do not find out in time, there will be incomplete treatment of skin diseases, which will affect the treatment effect of the disease. So for this kind of medical halogen lamp, we also need to use UV power puck to regularly check the energy value of its light source.

3. Application of UV power puck in sterilization industry

UVLED sterilization is currently mainly used in portable sterilizers, toothbrush sterilizers, cleaning of contact lenses, disinfection of clean water and so on. The principle of sterilization is to use the ultraviolet energy in the UVC band with high energy and short wavelength. Bacteria will lose their ability to replicate under certain UV energy range and time.
      However, if the light source is attenuated or the irradiation time is not up to the standard, the purpose of sterilization cannot be achieved. We know that cells have a particularly strong ability to repair themselves. If the energy value is not up to standard, the cells can only be killed and the injured cells will be intact after repairing themselves. And we will not achieve the purpose of sterilization. Therefore, we also need to regularly use the UV power puck to detect the UV intensity value of the germicidal lamp to see if it decays.

4. Use the Linshang UV power puck

Linshang UV power pucks

Linshang Technology has four UV power pucks: LS120, LS130, LS128 and LS131. Among these four UV power pucks, some are dedicated to mercury lamps, halogen lamps and some are dedicated to LED lamps. For different lamps, we need to choose different UV power pucks, because different lamps correspond to different UV bands.
The Linshang UV power puck can measure energy, power, time, temperature at the same time and has a curve display function. The instrument is equipped with a USB interface and can be connected to a computer software to print the measurement report directly. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy and long-term operation in a high temperature environment of 100 degrees Celsius, which makes the measurement more convenient.