Paint Thickness Meter of Wide Applications

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1. Application of paint thickness measurement

Paint thickness meter has gradually integrated into our lives and appeared in various industries, whether it is the ship, the automobile production industry, or the home building decoration. The paint thickness meter is a necessary instrument for various industries . In the use of various paints, according to its different properties, different uses and different types of products, there are paint thickness will be different. How can we know whether it is conducive to the healthy development of the industry? At this time, it is necessary to use some professional tools for standardized measurement and the paint thickness meter is the "expert" in this field.

The paint thickness meter can be used to measure various paint layers thickness. It can quickly, non-destructively and accurately measure the paint cover layer thickness on magnetic metal substrates (such as steel, iron, alloy and hard magnetic steel). For example, in the laboratory, at the engineering site, during the construction of various related paint coatings, the paint thickness meter allows you to quickly, accurately and effectively protect materials. It can be seen that paint thickness gauges are of great significance in all walks of life.

2. Broad prospects for paint thickness meters

In recent years, the use of paint thickness meters has gradually expanded, not only in our lives, but also in aerospace companies. Aerospace companies attach great importance to the thickness of relevant coatings. In the industry, the weight of related instruments is very important. A slight difference may cause serious accidents and the requirements for precision will be strict. Therefore, paint is an important protective means for effectively protecting these aerospace instruments. The use of paint is very frequent, so the demand for paint thickness meters is also relatively large.

paint thickness meter

Objectively speaking, the advantage of the paint thickness meter is that it can use the scientific principles of current or magnetic to measure the thickness without damaging the finished paint surface. It can also be considered as an inspection of these related processes, so tools such as paint thickness meters, it is an important way to use it as a tool to measure the thickness of paint coatings and to determine whether our paint surface is qualified. It is also the most effective method so far. The use of paint thickness meter can make the related measurement operation more convenient. Just follow the instructions on the manual, you can make the correct calculation without worrying about damaging the appearance of these paint surface layers. Under such a strong support, the paint thickness of construction industry, aerospace industry and automotive transportation industry can be qualified.