How does the Ink Absorption Affect Paper Gloss?

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The so-called ink absorption of paper actually refers to the paper's ability to absorb ink binding material. The rougher the paper, the larger the fiber gap, the stronger the absorption capacity of the binding material. When the binding material is not dry, the most of the fiber are absorbed and the remaining part of the binder and ink particles adhered to the paper surface. The paper lose its proper leveling performance and is unable to form a smooth ink film layer, making the product dull.

For coated paper (coated paper), there are two main reasons that affect ink absorption:

1. Variety of adhesives and materials used in coatings

 The lower the ratio of adhesive to pigment, the higher the paper's absorbency for ink. If the paint concentration is low, the adhesive and solvent in the paint can easily penetrate into the paper, which reduces the amount of adhesive in the coating, thereby increasing the absorption of the ink.

2. Pigment variety and particle fineness in coatings are also related to ink absorption

The finer the pigment particles, the more difficult the coating can be transferred to the paper base. The pigment particles are coarse, the particle gap is large and the absorbency to the ink is also large. It is difficult to obtain the desired gloss effect in the finished product.

3. Paper gloss detection

The printing industry has strict regulations on paper gloss. The use of paper with different gloss will also be different. The paper has high gloss and the printed matter will appear bright and full. However, if the paper gloss is too high, it will produce a strong reflection, easily cause eye fatigue. It is not suitable for reading. For example, coated paper, packaging, color printing, outdoor poster advertising, etc. High-gloss printing paper muse be used for the above mentioned matter.. For traditional books, in order to improve the reading experience, the gloss of the paper should not be too high.
      An indispensable step after paper gloss prints is the gloss test. After paper gloss prints is processed in various ways, is the gloss acceptable? It is difficult to judge the gloss of the paper with the naked eye, so it is recommended to use a paper gloss meter to measure the gloss of the paper.
      However, the different angles of the paper gloss meter will result in different measurements of the paper gloss. The measurement angles of the paper gloss meter are generally 20 °, 60 °, 85 °, etc.  For conventional materials and high gloss coated paper, we can choose a universal 60 ° angle; for wax paper, we can choose to use a 20 ° measurement angle.

gloss meter

There are many universal 60 ° angle gloss meterson the market. For example, the paper gloss meter Linshang LS191 uses the universal 60 ° angle. It is an instrument produced in accordance with the national inspection regulations JJG 696 standards. All indicators meet the requirements of the first-class working machine in the measurement inspection regulations. The instrument not only has good repeatability, good stability and high precision, but also has intelligent statistical functions.



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