Film Thickness Gauge in Metal Surface Coatings

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The metal surface coating process is very common in our daily life. We use metal coatings on water pipes, furniture and appliances. Metal surface coating is not only to make the metal look pleasing, but more importantly, to prevent rust and corrosion. Excluding the causes of external forces, a large part of the reason for the damage or unevenness of the metal coating is that packaging material thickness is uneven, which causes the metal coating to be damaged and affect the use. At this time you need to use an accurate film thickness gauge to make accurate measurements.

LS220 film thickness gauge

As we all know, the application of film thickness gauge is very wide. The film thickness gauge is also called a coating thickness tester and may be called differently in different industries. The main function is to detect the coating thickness on the material surface. If the metal coating thickness is not uniform, it will affect the quality and beauty. By applying a film thickness gauge, we can easily detect the thickness of metal coatings and make accurate judgments.

If there is a problem with the metal surface coating, it will not only affect the appearance and use, but also cause unnecessary losses. With the advancement of the world's automation and informatization process, the film thickness gauge is developing in the direction of intelligence and automation. With automatic detection, one measurement can be completed in 0.5S. Test data including average, maximum and minimum values can be counted. The film thickness gauge is also used more and more widely. It can accurately measure the paint layer on the steel surface, porcelain, enamel protective layer, plastic, rubber coating, various non-ferrous metal plating layers including nickel-chromium and chemical and petroleum industries. Of various anticorrosive coatings. It is also becoming more and more convenient and simpler to use. After the making zero adjustment of film thickness gauge, it can keep the zero position for a long time without

Using a film thickness gauge to measure metal surface coatings is fast and accurate. The film thickness gauge can ensure that the metal surface coating test conforms to national standards.



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