Application of Paint Meter for Cars in Automobile Production

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For car lovers, the effect of car paint is great, it symbolizes the beauty and appearance of the car. The paint materials, the number of layers and the painting process all affect the appearance of the car. The number and thickness of car paints will directly affect human visual effects. To put it simply, there are four layers of spray painting for common cars and the spray painting process for luxury cars is more complicated. The paint thickness is guaranteed and the appearance of the car will look more upscale. To measure the car paint thickness, professional paint meter for cars is needed, which can be used for automobile production and purchase. Paint meter for cars is an instrument for measuring the coating thickness such as paint and galvanizing. It is widely used in various detection fields and is an indispensable instrument for material protection. Next, we will introduce two application cases.

1. Application of paint meter for cars in automobile production

When consumers choose the car, we often pay more attention to the engine of the car, but the paint thickness is often overlooked by us. In fact, in the purchase of cars, car paint can reflect the level of the car and can also affect maintenance. In the industry standard specifications, the car paint thickness is also specified. The national specification requires that the paint surface of pure entry cars should not be lower than 90μm. The car whose price is higher than 50,000 RMB, the paint thickness should not be lower than 120μm. However, in recent years, foreign brands have rushed into the Chinese market. The quality of domestic cars has always been difficult to obtain consumer recognition. Under the fierce competition, some automotive industries have reduced the car paint thickness, which has impaired car performance. To ensure production quality, manufacturers need to accurately measure the car paint thickness. Then you need a paint meter for cars . The magnetic circuit is generated by the electromagnetic induction method. As the distance between the probe and the ferromagnetic material changes, the change in the magnetic circuit can accurately measure the coating thickness.

paint meter for cars

2. Application of paint meter for cars in automobile purchase

In fact, not only can the paint meter for carsin the production of automobiles ensure that the car paint reaches the standard thickness according to the measurement data, but the paint meter for cars also plays a great role when buying used cars. It can help us make a basic judgment of the car based on the car paint thickness. Based on the measurement results, we can infer the how long the car has been used, the condition of the paint spray and whether it has suffered damage in the accident and accident. With this equipment, when buying a used car, consumers can avoid the rhetoric of the intermediary and infer the performance of the car through the measurement results of the paint meter for cars . We can use magnetic paint meter for cars and eddy current paint meter for cars when measuring thickness of 0-5 mm according to need. Depending on the appearance, you can also choose the integrated probe and host or the separate instrument. The dual-use paint meter for cars combines two functions and generally measures the metal substrate coating thickness.
       Both in China and in the field of international automotive production, there are more and more precise and strict standards for the measurement of the coating thickness. Consumers also have more expectations for the requirements of automotive paint. In addition, the paint meter for cars has small measurement error, high reliability. It is easy to operate. The paint meter is also widely used in manufacturing, metal processing industry, chemical industry, commodity inspection and other fields. 



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