Use Car Paint Thickness Gauge to Identify the Used Car

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According to the latest statistics of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in November 2019, the sales volume of vehicles was 2.457 million units, a decrease of 3.6% year-on-year; Compared with the sluggish sales of new vehicles, the second-hand car market is uniquely beautiful. The transaction volume of second-hand cars nationwide in November 2019 was 1.383 million, a year-on-year increase of 8.46%. Driven by the state ’s policy and benefits for used cars, the used car market is booming. Manufacturers, dealers and e-commerce have joined in, making competition in the used car market intensified. Faced with such a market situation, traditional distributors think that this will require more competitive chips. In addition to provide high-quality cars, they also need efficient working equipment. And this must be based on having a major equipment to evaluate the overall condition of used cars-car paint thickness gauge.

1. The advantages of original paint

First of all, everyone knows that the original paint of the car is baked. This process is cumbersome and very particular. The original paint is generally divided into four layers, namely the electrophoretic layer, the intermediate coating layer, the colored paint layer and the clear paint layer. Each layer has its own function. These four layers of paint can be completed after being heated at 200 degrees and sprayed in a clean room. The repair paint sprayed in the auto repair factory can only be made in two layers because of process and equipment limitations. Secondly, the uneven thickness of the paint will affect the quality and aesthetics. In the maintenance factory, it is usually sprayed by hand and its uniformity is certainly not as good as the original paint sprayed by professional machines. Therefore, most buyers of second-hand cars place the original paint as a priority list.
       If the technique of refinishing is not good, consumers can see the color of the refilled position with the naked eye. If the technique of repainting is professional, it is not necessarily visible only by the eyes. At this time, a car paint thickness gauge is required to perform accurate measurement.

2. How to use the car paint thickness gauge to identify whether the paint has been repainted?

LS220B car paint thickness gauge

Linshang Technology's LS220B car paint thickness gauge with Bluetooth is a professional instrument for detecting the surface coating thickness of materials, which is more suitable for commodity inspection and manufacturers. The paint film thickness of most cars is about 100 +μm and the painted car paint thickness will be much larger than this value, so the LS220B car paint thickness gauge with Bluetooth is used to detect the car paint thickness, which can easily identify whether a used car has undergone a secondary spray paint. And LS220 car paint thickness gauge has simple operation, high cost performance, high accuracy and good after-sales service, which can make consumers feel at ease.



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