Coating Thickness Gauge for Testing Painted Surface

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Coating thickness gauge is also called non-destructive tester, which can measure the thickness of fire-proof layer, anti-corrosion layer, enamel layer, plating layer and paint layer. It is mainly used to measure the coating thickness on ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates. Coating thickness gauges can be used in various industries.

1. Coating thickness gauge detects the car paint

coating thickness gauge

 Coating thickness gaugecan detect the car paint surface thickness, thereby determining the paint condition of the car. When buying a used car, for the inspection of the used car painted surface, you can first observe whether the paint is smooth, the particles are uniform and there is obvious color difference. After visual inspection, there is not much problem. The coating thickness gauge can be used to further inspect the paint surface. For a car that has crashed, unless it is completely destroyed, it is unlikely that the entire car will change its shell. Once the car is repainted, it will certainly not be the same thickness as the new car. Therefore, by testing different parts of the car with the coating thickness gauge, it is found that the value is significantly higher than other parts, that is, the part that has been bumped and repainted. You can then follow this area to observe whether the screws inside the area have been used or replaced and whether there are special welds. In this way, the coating thickness gauge can be used to accurately analyze the car paint surface thickness and the condition of the car.

2. The coating thickness gauge detects the wall paint

The coating thickness gauge can detect the thickness of the paint on the wall. This function plays an important role in decoration and can prevent rough construction and counterfeiting in some constructions. First, the coating thickness gauge is used to test the wall paint and paint brushes. The paint film thickness is inspected to ensure the painting effect and the appearance. Secondly, the coating thickness is also required in the construction of some waterproof coatings. In order to ensure the use of waterproof coatings, it is necessary to use a certain amount of waterproof coating materials, so how to prevent workers from secretly reducing the use of waterproof coating materials during the painting process? This requires a coating thickness gauge to detect the coating thickness of waterproof materials. Only through the detection of the coating thickness gauge, the coating thickness of the waterproof material can reach sufficient amount to ensure the waterproof effect.
       The coating thickness gauge plays an important role in detecting the paint of the car body and the paint of the wall. When buying a coating thickness gauge, you should purchase a suitable coating thickness gauge according to the specific use requirements and environmental conditions.