Linshang Paint Thickness Gauge Make Measurement Easier

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The indicators of industrial paint construction are within a certain standard range and the paint film thickness is also required. Some people think that the thicker the paint, the better the theoretical thickness. In this way, the appearance of the paint film is good, which can improve the corrosion resistance and rust resistance. In fact, affected by the solid content of the paint, the drying method and the type of resin, each paint has its minimum, recommended and maximum paint film thickness. When it exceeds the minimum or maximum paint film thickness, the performance of the paint will often decrease, such as adhesion, hardness, impact resistance. Especially when spraying paint film exceeding the specified range at one time, it is prone to paint film defects such as sagging, drying, pinholes, blistering, solvent residue, etc. and affect the drying performance of paint very obvious. Paint spraying can save paint, but there is also a disadvantage that it is easy to expose the bottom and can not play a good decorative and beautiful effect. Therefore, the paint film is sprayed strictly in accordance with the industrial paint construction technical indicators to avoid re-construction caused by paint disease, which wastes costs and time.

coating thickness gauge

In order to quickly and accurately measure the paint film thickness, a paint thickness gaugehas to be mentioned. A good paint thickness gauge can measure coating thickness quickly and accurately in industrial production. Here, the Linshang paint thickness gauge is recommended. First of all, it is very convenient to carry and use. It can automatically identify magnetic or non-magnetic substrates and complete automatic conversion in 0.5 seconds. It adopts advanced digital probe technology, which can keep the zero position stable without repeated zero adjustment. In addition, the Linshang paint thickness gauge uses a highly sensitive probe, the test response speed is very fast. The data can be measured in 0.5 seconds, which improves the test accuracy. It is a indispensable tool for measuring paint thickness.
      The use of good tools can often achieve twice the effect with half the effort. The industrial paint film thickness is not up to standard, which will lead to poor paint service life and hiding power. The paint will fall off in a short period of time, which not only affects the appearance, but also loses the function of protecting the substrate. The paint thickness gauge is widely used for coating measurement in various scenarios because of its accurate and convenient measurement. The effects of different paint measuring instruments are different. Only by choosing the right paint measuring instrument can we really facilitate our work. Choosing Linshang paint thickness gauge makes the original complicated work become easier!