Mixed-use car market, paint coating thickness meter is essential!

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The modern second-hand car market is hot and many people's ideas are also very trendy and advanced. Whether it is a person who wants to buy a car for daily mobility, or a person who likes to modify and assemble a vehicle, he will inevitably go to the second-hand car market to find a baby. However, with the expansion of the market, lots of car dealers want to sell the damaged car with an unreasonable price. Therefore, more and more buyers choose to buy a coating thickness meter.
      The coating thickness meter is generally used to measure the paint thickness on metal surfaces. With its widespread use, the volume of the coating thickness meter is getting smaller and smaller. The measurement accuracy is also getting stronger and stronger. It can be said that most coating thickness meters on the market can be carried around. Some people use a profession coating thickness meter as necessary inspection artifacts around them. The coating thickness gauge LS220 developed by Linshang Technology can be held with one hand, which is very suitable for the used car appraisers, car dealers.
      Since the used car market is inseparable from the coating thickness meter, then we come to understand the relevant knowledge of automotive paint film thickness. The thickness of a normal automotive paint film should be 90μm -180μm and for a slightly thicker automotive paint film thickness can reach 200μm-300μm. For example, the thickness of the original Volkswagen Longhang paint in 2014 is more than 200um (but some accident cars or broken cars have different thicknesses of top paint and car paint). It is precisely for this difference in the paint film thickness on the car surface that the coating thickness meter can effectively help the vehicle buyer to further confirm whether the vehicle has had a major accident.
      So in the second-hand car market, as a buyer, we want to choose a vehicle that is in good condition. How can we properly use the coating thickness meter to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the measurement data?

paint coating thickness meter

To get accurate data, we need to know how to use coating thickness meterscorrectly. The paint film of a car contains not only the body paint, but also the top paint. We must first make clear that the paint film thickness measurement needs to be performed multiple times on different parts of the vehicle. LS220, the coating thickness meter, was used for the measurement. There is no trouble of repeated calibration, but the surveyor needs to perform simple zero adjustment. Because this is an iron-aluminum dual-use model, there is no need for second-hand car buyers to determine what the measured substrate is. There are some buyers who do not understand these and lack the corresponding experience. They often choose a few sample points at random and the measurement data is basically similar. They think the car is in good condition. The right way is to choose five points then get the average data of the five points.
      Having mastered the basic method of measuring the coating thickness meter, you also need to avoid some external factors that can easily affect the thickness of the paint film. For example, strong magnets need to be kept as far away as possible. 



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