Window Tint Meter Classification and Selection

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Window film is also called heat insulation film, car film, explosion-proof film. Buying good window film can effectively reduce the temperature in the car. Some window films can also play a good role in explosion-proof sun protection and ultraviolet protection. The window tint meter is generally used in the industry to detect the light transmission of the window film and the performance of heat insulation and ultraviolet rejection.

I. Development of the window film market

The rapid growth of Chinese automobile sales has also driven the rapid expansion of the demand for automotive explosion-proof films and the market has grown rapidly. Now, the installation of explosion-proof films for new cars is becoming more and more popular. The profitable space is also very broad. It has become the highlight of the automotive supplies market.

Auto explosion-proof films are growing rapidly. Corresponding peripheral testing instruments, such as window tint meters, have also gradually developed. There are more than 1,000 kinds of automotive explosion-proof film brands on the market today, such as the well-known dragon film, 3m, Johnson & Johnson, Weigu, Ray-Ban, Farat, FSK and so on. The products produced by it generally have the functions of heat insulation, heat preservation, UV protection, anti-glare, explosion-proof and single perspective.

II. Automotive window film classification

1. Endothermic window film

(1) The traditional dyeing film is what we commonly call "tea paper". It does not reflect infrared rays and does not contain a metal layer. It is mainly used to absorb solar energy and then released to play a role of heat insulation. It has low visible light transmittance, poor thermal insulation. This kind of dyeing usually does not have an anti-scratch layer, so it easily fades (usually turns purple), appears dark spots. And it is prone to blistering after long-term use.

(2) The composite film is also called high-performance film, usually composed of a layer of dyed film and a layer of vacuum aluminum plating film. Compared with the non-reflective dyeing film, it has a higher visible light transmittance and a higher heat insulation rate. But due to the light scattering effect of the dyeing layer, which causes visual distortion and clarity. 

2. Reflective window film

Sputtered metal film and nano-ceramic thermal insulation film are also called pure metal film. The metal layer or ceramic particles are evenly distributed in the window film through the magnetron sputtering process to reflect infrared rays to achieve thermal insulation effect. The color of the film is determined by the metal component that is plated. It has a higher visible light transmittance and heat insulation rate. The metal component is very stable and does not fade. And the clarity is excellent.

III. Select window film based on its types

Linshang Technology as famous window tint meter suppliers in China has invented many window tint meters of different model. Occasionally, customers will not know how to choose. The following editor will choose the appropriate window tint meter according to the type of window film, allowing you to choose the right instrument more quickly.

The window tint meter is mainly divided into two bands for testing infrared 940nm and 1400nm. The 940nm is better for the endothermic film test and the 1400nm is better for the metal film test. The following is a simple classification of how to choose Linshang window tint meters. 

For more details about the Linshang window tint meter difference, please read "Window Film Transmission Meter Selection and FAQ".

1. Select window tint meter for testing endothermic window film

Type Model Visible Light Ultraviolet Infrared
Portable LS160 530nm 365nm 940nm
Portable LS162 380-760nm 365nm 940nm
Desktop LS181 550nm 365nm 940nm
Desktop LS101 380-760nm 365nm 940nm
Splite LS181 550nm 365nm 940nm

2. Select window tint meter for testing reflective window film

Type Model Visible Light Ultraviolet Infrared
Portable LS160A 530nm 365nm 1400nm
Portable LS162A 380-760nm 365nm 1400nm
Portable LS163A 380-760nm 365nm 1400nm
Desktop LS180 550nm 365nm 1400nm

3. LS182 window tint meter suitable for testing various types of window films

Type Model Visible Light Ultraviolet Infrared Other
Six-band LS182 380-760nm 365nm 940nm,1400nm,Full IR SHGC

4. Window tint meter for demonstration

Type Model Function
Comparative demonstration LS300 used to demonstrate the real-time
temperature and the temperature
difference before and after the sample is turned on
Comparative demonstration LS301 used to demonstrate real-time
temperature and infrared rejection
rate of samples
Demonstration kit SK1150 used to test the infrared and
ultraviolet barrier properties
of the tested material
Demonstration kit SK1250 same as SK1150, but the SK1250
infrared lamp has more power
and the data drop is larger
Demonstration kit FS2150 used to demonstrate the
transmission performance
of the tested material and the reflection performance of infrared ray

Choose a good quality window film, in addition to depending on the film's thermal insulation performance, anti-ultraviolet radiation effect. At the same time, the transparency and clarity of the window film must also be considered. To test the window film performance of these three, it is very suitable to use Linshang window tint meter.

Linshang Technology has automobile window tint meter, split window tint meter and demonstrating window tint meter for customers to choose.