Gloss Meter Calibration Standard

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1. Gloss meter calibration standard

The gloss meter calibration standard refers to black glass with a refractive index of 1.567. Assuming that the glass is in a state of ideal polishing, the gloss of the black glass is defined as 100 GU at this time, so the gloss meter is a relative measurement instrument, so a standard board is required for each test to determine the relative measured glossiness. The following figure shows the LS192 gloss meter measuring the gloss of paint, metal, marble and wood.

measuring the gloss of wood

measuring the gloss of wood

measuring the gloss of marble

measuring the gloss of marble

measuring the gloss of paint

measuring the gloss of paint

measuring the gloss of metal

measuring the gloss of metal

2. LS192 First Working-class gloss meter

As an international glossiness measuring instrument, the Linshang gloss meter has a uniform gloss meter calibration standard. As shown in the figure below, the gloss meter is divided into a first-level machine and a second-level machine. For general use requirements, the second-level gloss meter can meet the demand. However, if the requirements are relatively high, it is necessary to consider the first-level gloss meter.

Gloss meter standard

Measuring instrument Standard gloss meter First working-class gloss meter Secondary working-class gloss meter
Stable value 0.2GU 0.4GU 1.0GU
Zero value error 0.1GU 0.2GU 1.0GU
Indication error ±1.0GU ±1.5GU ±2.5GU

Linshang gloss meter

Ultra-small design
Wide gloss measurement range
Simple operation and smart statistics
Provide PC software
200 and 1000 GU can be selected
Model: LS192

3. Preservation and use of the glossmeter calibration standard board

The preservation and use of the glossmeter calibration standard board can affect the accuracy of the data. If the standard board is worn, the contamination will affect the calibration standard of the gloss meter.

  • Linshang gloss meter calibration standard board is located on the bottom cover of the instrument. Each time it is used, the gloss meter needs to be placed back on the bottom cover of the gloss meter. This operation can keep the light hole at the bottom and the gloss meter calibration standard board on the bottom cover clean.

  • Before storing and using, clean the gloss meter and the standard, and use the clean special lens cloth to remove the contaminants. As surface of the standard is very precise, make sure there are no fine particles on the lens cloth to avoid damage of the standard.

  • Do not insert any object into the meter for cleaning, as it will damage the meter and influence the measuring accuracy.

  • If the gloss meter is not used over half a year, please charge the meter to avoid the battery is excessively discharged and damaged.

  • Avoid to contact the corrosive agents and keep away from high temperature and high humidity environment.

  • Put the gloss meter in the specialized package after powering off and keep it in a safe place.

4. Gloss meter calibration crycle

In addition, the gloss meter is also recommended to be calibrated once a year. If it is used frequently, we also recommend that the customer return it to the factory for calibration once every six months, or replace the gloss meter calibration standard board.

Linshang Technology has provided calibration and maintenance service to the gloss meter and calibration standard boards. For more product information, please refer to“LS190 gloss meter”.

LS190 economic gloss meter
LS190 economic gloss meter

5.Calibration Method

Open the bottom cover of the instrument, wipe the standard plate on the bottom cover of the instrument with a cleaning cloth, then cover the bottom cover tightly and short press the power button to calibrate, then enter the measurement interface that is the successful calibration. If the calibration fails, you need to check whether the bottom cover of the instrument is tightly covered.

Standard board cleanliness requirements are very high, the general paper towels and fabrics can not reach the standard board cleanliness requirements. The standard board must be wiped with a special cleaning cloth, or use a good lens paper can also be.



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