IR Intensity Meter Test Heat Insulation Effect of Automobile Filmed Glass

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  Linshang IR intensity meter is also called IR power meter, it can be used to test the IR radiation intensity, the unit is W/㎡, besides, it can also test heat insulation effect and display the percent directly.
  Now i will demonstrate the operation of Linshang latest
LS122 IR intensity meter.
  1.Turn on the IR lamp and LS122 IR power meter, we can see the IR intensity is 5593 W/㎡(As shown below)

LS122 IR power Meter

  2.Press the “0%” button to set this intensity value as the original intensity ( that means when the heat insulation rate is 0%,the intensity is 5593 ).We need to make sure the position of IR intensity meter and IR lamp is consistent. Then put a piece of normal glass between the lamp and instrument. The intensity turns to 4895 W/㎡,and the heat insulation rate in the left corner is 12.7%. From two data before and after we put the glass, we can find the heat insulation effect is not very well.

LS122 IR Intensity Meter

  3.Now we put a filmed glass between them.The instrument display the intensity is 463 W/㎡,and the heat insulation rate is 92.6%.From these data,we can know this filmed glass has excellent heat insulation effect.

LS122 Infrared power Meter

  4.Press “Hold” button to lock the data, repress “Hold” to unlock this status and begin a new test.
  5.Obviously,we can compare the heat insulation effect of different materials by this instrument, just need a little time and we can find the better glass. Besides,
LS122 IR intensity metercan also used to demonstrate all kinds of solar films,heat insulating glass,heat insulating coating. And it’s also easy to use and understand for everyone.



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