9-point Vacuum Coating Online Transmission Meter for Chengdu Fulinda

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Chengdu Fulinda New Material Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specializing in the production of various vacuum aluminized films and various functional vacuum aluminized films.As early as 2016,they ordered a vacuum coating online transmission meter with 3 sets of test points.After 3 months of use,they ordered another 6 sets of test point online light transmission meter in July 2016.It is enough to prove the customer's support for Linshang Technology and the recognition of Linshang products.
    Recently,Fulinda New Materials Co., Ltd.once again raised the demand for adding three test points on the six sets of test points online transmission meter previously ordered. After technical discussions,the engineers finally met the customer's needs and converted a set of 6-point online testers into 9 sets of test points.

LS152 vacuum coating online transmission meter

The test points of the vacuum coating online transmission metercan be customized according to customer requirements.Since the test points are all installed inside the aluminum tube bracket,once the test points are confirmed,the length of the bracket is confirmed.For customers who need to add test points,you need to pay attention to the following:
   1.The length of the bracket needs to be customized according to the number of test points.If you need to increase the test point,you need to replace the bracket.
   2.Each group of test points is controlled by one controller.It is recommended to increase by a multiple of 3 when adding test points.Because adding a set of test points also requires adding one controller.Three sets of test points also need one controller, which can save cost.

online light transmission meter probe

Each controller of Linshang vacuum coating online transmission meter independently controls 3 sets of test points.After adding test points,it will not affect the test data of other test points.If the user wants to add test points after ordering the Linshang online light transmission meter,it is also a very good choice,which can save production costs and meet test requirements.



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