How to Detect UV Germicidal Lamps Intensity?

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In the medical unit, the radiation intensity of ultraviolet light must meet the standard to have a good sterilization effect. The UVC light meter LS126C is generally used for continuous measurement and detection.
       In medical units, ultraviolet germicidal lamps are often used for epidemic disinfection, but the radiation intensity of ultraviolet rays must meet the standards to have a good sterilization effect. Generally, we use short-wavelength UVC-254nm ultraviolet wavelength to sterilize. The UV radiation intensity of the medical unit is measured by the UVC light meter 
LS126C for continuous measurement and detection.

1. How to detect the UV germicidal lamp intensity?

  1. Fix the tested UV lamp on the holder, adjust the distance, and place the UVC light meter LS126C 1 m away from the vertical center below it. The meter can be directly hung under the UV tube for testing.

  2. Measure the UV lamp after 5 minutes.

  3. When measuring, the voltage should be stable at 220V.

  4. Ordinary or low-ozone straight tube UV lamp (30W), at the center of the vertical 1m below the tube, the irradiance value of the new tube should be ≥90μW/cm2. The irradiance value of the lamp in use should be ≥70μW/cm2. The lamp should be replaced if below the value is below 70μW/cm2.

  5. The measuring method and qualified standard of the multi-lamp combination lamp are the same as the single lamp.

  6. Qualification standards for the detection distance and irradiance value of the lamp (non-straight tube type), high-strength type, or non-30W power, depending on the product use and usage. In principle, it should not be lower than the irradiance value indicated in the user manual, and the bactericidal test should be carried out according to its recommended UV dose.

  7. Irradiation intensity test, 10 tubes are checked and tested each time, and each tube is repeatedly measured 3 times. The irradiation intensity is qualified when the data reaches the standard.


2. How to use LS126C UVC light meter test the UV germicidal lamp intensity?

UVC light meterLS126C is mainly used to measure the UVC ultraviolet radiation energy per unit area. A freehand hook is provided to facilitate on-site UV intensity measurement.

  1. The back of the instrument probe comes with a magnet, which can be attached to the iron plate of the hook for convenient fixing.

  2. The receiving probe of the instrument is facing the ultraviolet light source, and the ultraviolet radiation energy of the current test point can be obtained, and the maximum value, the minimum value, the average value and the current value are displayed at the same time.

  3. After turning on the light, you can view the data on the dedicated mobile phone APP that has been connected to the instrument to realize wireless detection.

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