Paper Gloss Meter Measurement Angle Selection

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Different papers will have different gloss levels. Different glossiness measurement angles used in the paper gloss meter will result in different glossiness measurement data, while the universal 60° angle gloss meter can test common paper and high gloss paint paper.
    The printing industry has stricter regulations on the gloss of paper, and the use of paper with different gloss will be different. The gloss of the paper is high and the prints will be full and bright. However, if the gloss of the paper is too high, it will produce strong reflection, which will easily cause visual fatigue of the reader, making the content difficult to read.
    For example, coated paper, wrapping paper, posters, etc., should use high-gloss printing paper. In order to enhance the reading experience, the gloss of the paper inside the book should not be too high.

paper gloss meter

But it is difficult for the human eye to judge the gloss of the paper with the naked eye, so it is recommended to use a paper gloss meter to measure the gloss of the paper.

LS191 gloss meter

However, if the glossiness measurement angle of the paper gloss meter is different, the difference in glossiness measurement data will result. At present, the measurement angle of the gloss meter is mainly 20°, 60°, 85°, etc. The conventional 60° angle gloss meter can be selected for measuring conventional paper and high gloss coated paper, while the measurement of wax paper is recommended to use 20 ° angle gloss meter.
    There are many conventional 60° angle gloss meters on the market. Linshang paper gloss meter LS191 adopts a universal 60° angle design, and all the data meet the requirements of the first-level working gloss meter in the metrological verification procedure. The instrument has good data consistency and stability, high data accuracy and intelligent statistical function.