UV Curing Machine and UV Radiometer

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  UV is short for Ultra-Violet, means ultraviolet radiation. Industrial UV wavelength from 200nm to 450nm are its application range, with ultraviolet light to illuminate the process of hardening of the material, are usually called UV curing (UV Radiometerfor its measurement).
  The principle of UV curing is that the glue is exposed to UV irradiation and the chemical polymerization reaction is produced. So as to produce the effect of the solid. It is important to choose the suitable UV spectrum of the light source and the suitable curing time. the frequently-used UV band is the UVA UVB, UVC and UVV 4 bands. The most commonly used is UVA band, That’s peak wavelength is 365nm.  The response wavelength of the glue and UV light source must choose the same band, otherwise, the cure is not significant. In order to improve the curing efficiency, we need to consider the power intensity of UV, UV curing machine, the illumination time, the temperature and other factors. Choosing appropriate parameters is essential for high efficiency of UV curing.
  The curing affected by many factors, the generating of a number of devices around the UV curing industry. The intensity of the light source is particularly important, UV light source will decay in use after a period of time, then we need to use UV Radiometer  to measure and determine the light source is still valid, if the light attenuation, curing machine running up is less effective.
  Different size needs to be cured of the object, it will produce a different type of curing machine. portable, desktop, factory hanging type, large floor type and UV curing box. Different light source, the size of small or big, the number of Watts also has provisions, but the use of UV Radiometer are the same, only need to select a corresponding band of UV Radiometer, can be helpful in UV curing processing.
  There are several UV Radiometers in Linshang, if it’s UV HPML light source, select corresponding band of UV Radiometer is
LS120 and LS125 host+UVA probe. if it’s UV LED light source, select corresponding band of UV Radiometer is LS128 and LS125 host+UVALED probe. We’ll highlight that LS120 UV Radiometer and LS128 UV Radiometer can record the UV intensity and temperature in real time, can produce UV intensity and temperature curves, can connect to the PC to print report.

UV Light meter

  As a new curing method, the advantages of UV light curing are short curing time and environmental protection, which can improve the production efficiency obviously.

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