UV Energy Meter for Optical Communication Industry

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UV energy meter is becoming more and more widely used in the optical communication industry. The customer should select the appropriate UV energy meter and UV light meter according to the test scene and the power of the light source.

Some time ago, we often receive inquires from customers in the optical communication industry, not only for optical fiber, but also for optical communication curing equipment. It is necessary to use a UV energy meter to detect the power and energy of the UV LED source on the optical communication curing machine. Although we may not be so professional in the optical communication industry, we are very professional when it comes to the power and energy detection of UV LEDs. 

For the detection of the power and energy of UV LED light source, we produce a round cake type UV energy meter LS128, the hand-held UV light meter LS125+UVA LED probe whose probe is very small, and the low range LS125+UVA LED-X3 probe . If customer want to test energy value, we will recommend the customer to use the UV energy meter LS128, not only because of the full function, but also because the test data recording function, which is convenient for analyzing the actual situation of the UV LED light source. However, if the test space on the curing device is limited, the LS125+UVA LED probe with a small handheld sensor size would be very suitable. The power and energy can also be tested, but the data can’t be exported.

LS 128 UV energy meter

In addition, some low-power UV LED sources should be tested with low-power LS125+UVA LED-X3 probe. Therefore, how to choose the UV energy meter for the optical communication industry is based on the test scenario and the power of the light source.

Recently, we have sold many UV energy meter and UV light meter. Among them, the representative of the optical communication curing machine, the representative customer are Shenzhen Jizhi Xingtong Technology Co., Ltd. Ivata (Shanghai) Precision Photoelectric Co. Ltd in the wireless communication industry and Nanjing Chunhui Technology Industrial Co., Ltd in optical communication curing industry.

When customers choose UV energy meter and UV light meter, if they are not sure about the power of UV LED light source, don't worry, all products of Linshang Technology provide one month return and exchange service without reason. You can buy it first and test it. If it is not suitable, you can choose to exchange or return it. It will definitely make you worry-free shopping!



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