Application of UV Light Meter in Water Treatment

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Linshang Technology LS125+UVC-WP uv light meter is a probe specially developed for water treatment germicidal lamps. With a range of 0 - 200000 μW/cm2, it has a waterproof function and can be water-resistant to a depth of 1 meter. It can also detect the intensity and energy of the germicidal lamp.
    The main role of UV germicidal lamps in water treatment is the sterilization function. In principle, there are disinfection, sterilization, photodegradation degradation and other photoreactions. For example, the working principle of the over-current device is as follows: a certain flow of water flowing through the pump generates a flow of water through the periphery of the quartz sleeve that is transparent to ultraviolet rays, and sterilizes the water at 254 nm of ultraviolet light generated by the ultraviolet lamp. Because the flow rate of the water is very fast, generally the time for the quartz jacket to flow is less than 1 second, so the ultraviolet intensity of the germicidal lamp is required to be high. And the surface strength is generally required to exceed 30,000 uW/cm2. To produce such high UV intensity then high-intensity and high-power UV germicidal lamps are required. If you still want to increase the disinfection effect by extending the time, you should generally use a longer lamp, make a longer device, or process the vortex rotating structure on the outer wall of the stainless steel to extend the flow of water.

high pressure mercury lamp

The radiation intensity of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp in water treatment needs to be periodically tested. Then the general testing equipment can’t meet the requirement, because the equipment needs to be placed in the water for testing, and the general electronic equipment can’t be effectively waterproof, so it is impossible to detect the water-sterilized ultraviolet germicidal lamp. Today, we would like to recommend a uv light meter that can be used for underwater water detection of germicidal lamps.

125UVCWP uv light meter

The LS125+UVC-WP uv light meter is independently developed by Linshang Technology. This is a probe specially developed for water treatment germicidal lamps. The probe response wavelength is 230nm-280nm, it has waterproof function, the waterproof depth can reach 1m, and the intensity and energy of the germicidal lamp can be detected at the same time. At the same time, the range is up to 0 - 200000 μW/cm2, which can perfectly match the high-power ultraviolet germicidal lamps commonly used in water treatment for testing.
   For the detection of the irradiation intensity of ultraviolet germicidal lamps in water treatment, it is necessary to periodically detect the ultraviolet germicidal lamps with the LS125+UVC-WP uv light meter capable of waterproofing.



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