• [Cases]FAQs of LS192 Glossmeter
    Glossmeter, as test glossiness of surface, applied to paint coatings, decorative materials, building materials, plastic materials, ceramic products, stone products, wood products, leather products, film paper, printing ink and so on many industries.
  • [Products]LS191 Gloss Meter
    1.Measurement range: 0-200GU 2.Measuring Angle: 60° 3.Automatically statistic the maximum, minimum, average, and mean variance values of test data 4.Automatic measurement without keystrokes
  • [Products]LS191 Surface Gloss Meter
    <p><strong>Gloss measuring range</strong>: 0-200GU.</p><p>Gloss measuring Angle: 60°.</p><p>Gloss uniformity evaluation.</p><p>Portable <strong>paint gloss meter</strong> of one-handed operation.</p>
  • [Cases]Application and Selection of Sheen Glossmeter
    LS192 Sheen Glossmeter with measurement geometry of 60 degrees,60 degree is suitable for measuring all surface glossiness.
  • [News]New Product:LS192 Gloss Meter
  • [Products]LS192 Digital Gloss Meter
    <p><strong>Gloss measurement</strong> range: 0-1000GU.</p><p>Gloss measurement geometry: 60°.</p><p>Temperature compensation function.</p><p><strong>Auto calibration </strong>of gloss checker.</p>
  • [Products]LS192 Gloss Meter
    1.Measurement range: 0-1000GU 2.Measurement geometry: 60° 3.With temperature compensation function,stable measure data 4.Can be compared with BYK
  • [News]LS191 Gloss Meter
    Since we introduced the LS192 gloss meter, we summed up the using experience of the customers, and found this large-scale equipment are more popular in the metal and other high gloss industry, because few instruments have such a large range 1000GU, and has high-precision at the same time.
  • [Cases]Comparison of Different Sheen Instruments
  • [Cases]Comparison of Different Sheen Instruments
    On training course,we watched some video of gloss meters from other manufacturers. detailedly studied and understood differences of gloss meters between each. And found most comparison list below:
  • [Cases]How to Test Glossiness of Liquid Printing Ink
  • [Cases]Gloss meter measures the gloss of coated art paper
    According to the degree of gloss, coated art paper can be divided into glossy semigloss paper, matte paper and high gloss paper. The gloss of the paper is determined by a number of factors such as the flatness of the surface of the paper.
  • [Cases]Things about Linshang Gloss Meter
    The Linshang gloss meter is a very sophisticated device that may encounter different problems during use.
  • [Technology]The PC Software Function of Marble Gloss Meter
    Linshang Marble Gloss Meter is provided with USB communication port, with dedicated computer software which allows the users to setup counting times, read the data, on-line measurement, export data to EXCEL and generate the reports, etc.
  • [Technology]The Maintenance of Linshang Gloss Meter
    Linshang Technology is the gloss meter manufacturers, LS191 and LS192 Gloss meter, is used to measure the surface gloss of the material, So what matters need to pay attention when we use and store the gloss meter?
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