UV Energy Meter Detect UV Flatbed Printer

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The rising of UV flatbed printers has greatly reduced the cost of printing and improved the efficiency. The Linshang LS128 UV energy meter will also escort the flat-panel printing business. 
    With the development of technology, the traditional screen printing method has been completely replaced by UV flatbed printers. The traditional screen printing is costly and inefficient, and the UV flatbed printer is economical. The scope of use is also wide, and the printing materials are not subject to any restrictions. It can be used in metal, glass, plastic, ceramic, PVC, acrylic, stone. The surface of various materials such as leather is printed in color, so it is also called a universal printer.

LS128 UV energy meter

The principle of the UV flatbed printer is to spray the surface of the material to be printed with UV ink, and then irradiate it onto the UV ink with the corresponding wavelength and the corresponding intensity of the ultraviolet light source to cure it, and attach it to the material to be printed. UV light sources used in UV flatbed printers are basically UV LED cold light sources. UV LED lamps have the characteristics of heat radiation, energy saving and long life, so they are widely used. For the UV light source, which plays a decisive role in the curing of the UV flatbed printer, there is a requirement for energy and intensity detection to insure the curing effect of the UV light source can be ensured.|
    At present, for the energy detection of the UV light source of the UV flatbed printer, it is necessary to use a UV energy meter dedicated to the UV LED lamp. Linshang Technology's
LS128UV energy meteris the most cost-effective UV light source energy meter on the market. This UV energy meter is equipped with some test functions to detect and analyze the stability, consistency and distributed situation of the UV light source luminous efficiency.



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