UV Irradiance Meter used in UV Curing

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UV curing is a chemical process that uses solvent-free volatilization to rapidly convert low molecular weight materials into high molecular weight products using ultraviolet light. It is widely used in industries such as UV-cured UV ink, UV glue, UV paint, UV paint, etc. In the industry, UV curing can greatly increase production efficiency. In the UV curing process, process parameters are determined by confirming the energy required for curing. The UV irradiance meter is used to test the power and energy of the UV curing light source.
   When the UV source is used for a period of time, it will attenuate, which means that it takes more time to reach the curing energy. The curing of some substances has basic requirements on the light intensity. When the power value of the light source does not reach the curing limit, the quality of the curing will be affected a lot. Therefore, in order to ensure the consistency of process parameters and save production costs such as time and labor, companies usually replace the lamp when the light source is attenuated to a certain extent.

UV irradiance meter

The Linshang UV irradiance meter can be used in the UV curing industry, the UV irradiance meter LS130 is used for testing high pressure mercury lamps and the UV irradiance meter LS131 is used for testing UV LED light sources.
   The energy and power of the light source can be measured simultaneously and the power curve can also be displayed. The energy value facilitates the customer to confirm the process parameters of the production. The power value facilitates the customer to judge the attenuation of the light source and the power curve diagram facilitates the customer to understand the light distribution.
   When the UV irradiance meter is in use, the customer can select the automatic or manual measurement mode according to the requirements. Short press the POWER button and select YES to start a new test.