UV Energy Meter LS128 Test Ultraviolet Exposure Machine

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An ultraviolet exposure machine is a device that transfers image information on a film or other transparent body to a surface coated with a photosensitive material by an ultraviolet light source. For the quality effect of the exposed product, the decisive effect is the ultraviolet light source. The stability and uniformity of the ultraviolet light source directly affect the exposure effect of the product. Excessive exposure or insufficient exposure can affect the quality of the finished product. The main function of the UV energy meter LS128 is to monitor whether the UV energy in the exposure process is up to standard. Therefore, basically the exposure machine manufacturers will buy UV energy meters for data monitoring.
    The light source of the exposure machine is composed of many LEDs. These LEDs are arranged side by side. However, most of the current UV energy meter tests can only display one energy value. How should we judge whether the LED light source has attenuation? How to judge the distribution of the intensity of the light source is uniform?
    There used to be a customer who produced an exposure machine. His company purchased five exposure UV energy meters from unknown brands. As a result, the energy values tested by each energy meter were different. The customer finally found our LS128 exposure machine-specific UV energy meter LS128 and asked us to take a sample to his customer's company.
    In order to solve the customer's problems, we brought two UV Energy meters LS128 dedicated to the exposure machine to the customer company for testing. To demonstrate the stability and consistency of our UV energy meter data, we did two tests.
    Test one, use two UV Energy Meters LS128 to simultaneously test the different positions of the light source in the exposure machine, and check whether the data of the two energy meters are consistent. After many tests, the data difference between the two LS128 exposure machine UV energy meters LS128 is very small, only about 1% (as shown below). This test proves that the consistency of the UV energy meter LS128 is very good.

UV energy meter

Test 2, use two exposure machine UV energy meter to test multiple times in the same position of the light source, and check whether the data obtained by the instrument is consistent. After many tests, the data of each exposure UV energy meter is identical and the stability is very good.
    After the test was completed, the customer bought the two LS128 exposure machine UV energy meters.
    In addition to testing energy, the LS128 exposure machine UV energy meter can also test power, temperature, time and other data. These are functions that other UV energy meters do not have. These functions allow you to analyze the distribution of light sources throughout the exposure machine. Secondly, the UV Energy Meter LS128 also has a power curve and a temperature curve display function, which can directly view the distribution of the ultraviolet light source from the curve of the instrument.
    For more product information, please refer to the "LS128 UV Energy Meter".



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