Anti-blue Glass Lens Tester, Myopia People Should Pay Attention

Time:2019/02/27 16:41:00 Browse:1654

     A few days ago i went to an optical shop and found that most customers will require the glass lenses with anti-blue effect. As we all know, the blue light emitted by electronic products, and will increase the adjustment activity of eye ciliary muscle,easily lead to "regulatory visual fatigue" and damage the human retina; but the game on the handset, will focus the attention of the gaze, and make the spirit intense, thus causes "the mental view fatigue" . A variety of fatigue occurs, it will gradually develop into myopia and even aggravate myopia.
  If you belong to myopia people, be care when you need to buy a pair of glasses, it is better to buy a pair of glasses with anti-blue effect, it will enhance your own eyesight protection. Because the purchase of anti-blue glasses can slow down the deepening of myopia.
  How to know the specific anti-Blu-ray effect of glasses ? We need a
LS108 anti-blue glasses tester.

 LS108 anti-blue glasses tester

LS108 anti-blue glasses tester measure the glassess transmittance

LS108 anti-blue glasses tester is a special portable devices which can test lens anti-blue effect , for those physical store who sell glasses , it’s better to buy a LS108 anti-blue glasses tester. Then your customers can see the glasses anti-blue effect directly at any time intuitively; For general customers, you can also use this instrument to detect the anti-blue effect of your glasses.