How to Maintain the Anti-blue Transmission Meter

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  LS108 Anti-blue transmission meteris mainly used to test the blue light transmission,UV transmission and visible light transmittance of different materials. The operation of this instrument is very simple, wait a few seconds after switching on the power supply, until the instrument shows 100% and then we can start the test.

LS108Anti-blue Transmission Meter

  Regarding the maintenance of the anti-blue transmission meter, we need to pay attention to the following points:
  1. Avoid contact with corrosive items, keep the device away from high temperature and humidity environment.
  2. After using this instrument for a long time, because of the LED light source luminous efficiency (The temperature of LED light source rises, the efficiency drops), it may cause three window data fail to recover to the initial value 100, at this time please turn off the instrumentr, then reboots the instrument to make it self-diagnose and self-calibrate, This will not affect the normal use of the instrument.
  3. If there is no test sample, the displayed data fail to recover the initial value of 100, please shut down and restart the instrument.
  4. When the instrument is not in use, please put it in the special aluminum case. Being placed outside for a long time, the optical hole will be blocked by dusk and it will cause the instrument fail to pass the self-calibration.