Why Measured Data from LS103A isn't Consistent From LS183 Spectrum Detective

Time:2019/03/25 11:26:00 Browse:1690

There are always have customers feed back that LS103A and LS183 Spectrum Detective measured data have problems, first of all, we are very sorry to customers for the problems caused of the inconvenience and distress. LS103A has been discontinued, LS183 Spectrum Detective for the upgraded products. now on the issue of the reasons, from the technical point of view to do the following instructions:
       1: Because of the material to the optical refraction effect, if it is a point light source, the material is thicker, the refraction effect is bigger. but the parallel light irradiate on measured material, will not produce the light refraction, is not affected by the material thickness.
       2: In the interior of the LS103A, the point light source is used to measure, and
LS183 Spectrum Transmission Meter is improved by using the parallel light source.
       3: LS103A in the measurement of 1mm thickness of the material, accuracy in the range of instrument accuracy. Measured transmittance value decrease with the increasing of material thickness. And the thicker the material. And the thicker of material, Larger degree of the smaller transmission.

parallel light path

4: Point light source and the light source to the material of the refraction principle