Compare Test Data of Linshang LS183 and LS108H Optical Transmission Meter

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Linshang LS183 optical transmission meter is used to measure optical performance of  thermal insulation coatings, filmed glass, PC materials,etc. LS108H optical transmission meter is mainly used for testing the transmittance of small size glass, PC material.

Many customers don’t know which instrument is suitable for their samples, so there are many customers will send their sample materials to the company and let us to do the test. Let us find the difference between LS183 spectrum transmission meter and LS108H spectrum transmission meter.

We have 3 kinds of materials , now let’s test the UV transmission of them.

1.The test results of LS183 spectrum transmission meter are as follows:

LS183 optical transmission meter

LS183 spectrum transmission meter

2. The test results of LS108H spectrum transmission meter are as follows:

LS108H Spectrum Transmission Meter

The data will be more apparent in table, the ultraviolet transmission data of the LS108H and LS183 optical transmission meter are as follows:


Data show that the test data gap between two instruments is not large, the measuring accuracy is better than ±2%. Then someone asked, since the test data is similar, why not choose the cheaper one directly?

Actually although we can get similar ultraviolet transmission by these two instrument, the parameters of the two spectrum transmission are still different, LS108H has 550nm visible light, LS183 UV transmission meter has 380-760nm visible white light. In addition, each instrument has its different application fields,LS108H optical transmission meter is mainly used for small size materials,its testing aperture is 3mm. With the desktop design and stainless steel shell, it’s easy to place objects to test and easy to operate. LS183 Optical transmission meter is suitable for the optical performance test of heat insulating coating, glass, PMMA material, PC material, optical film, etc. With parallel light source design,it can test large thickness materials.

In a word, every user should choose a suitable optical transmission meter according to your own materials' characteristic.