The Difference between Colorimeter and Gloss Meter Testing

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Gloss meter and color difference meter are widely used in paint, ink and other industries. These two devices are often used at the same time. What are the differences and commonalities between colorimeter and gloss meter testing?

1. The difference between colorimeter and gloss meter testing

(1) Different uses. In fact, the main difference between the colorimeter and gloss meter testing is the use, one to detect the surface gloss of the product, and another one to check the difference in the color of the product.

gloss metet testing

(2) The test angle is different. Gloss meter testing mainly adopts a design with a 20 degree angle, 60 degrees, 85 degrees, Colorimeter test angle is 8 / d (8 ° illumination / diffuse light), with specular reflection (SCI)

(3) Main technical characteristics.
Gloss meter testing: The measuring head of the instrument consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter consists of an incandescent source and a set of lenses that produce a desired incident beam. The receptacle consists of a lens and a photosensitive element for receiving a cone beam that is reflected back from the surface of the sample.

Colorimeter: Simulates D65 illuminator. The CIE 1964 complementary color system and the CIE 1976 (L*a*b*) color space color difference formula were used.

2. What the colorimeter and gloss meter testing have in common:

(1) Both are used to detect the optical properties of materials

(2)Both use the principle of light reflection

(3) All work under the D65 standard light source.

The above is the difference and commonality between the colorimeter and gloss meter testing organized by Linshang Technology.