Linshang New Product: Coating Thickness Gauge

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  Linshang LS220 coating thickness gaugecan be used not only to measure non-magnetic coatings such as paint, varnish, enamel, chrome and galvanizing on ferromagnetism metal substrates such as steel or iron, but also measure non-conductive coatings such as paint, anodized layers or ceramic on non-magnetic metal substrates such as copper, aluminum, die cast zinc, brass etc. The gauge automatically identify the substrate and switch measurement mode. It is widely used in manufacturing, metal processing, chemical industry, commodity inspection and other fields.

Coating thickness gauge

LS220 Coating Thickness GaugeFeatures

  • No calibration, just zero adjustment

  • One hand operation, only one button

  • Fast measurement, 0.5s measuring interval

  • Wear-proof ruby probe tip for long-term use.

  • The gauge automatically identify the substrate and switch measurement mode rapidly.

  • "Fe", "NFe", "Fe/NFe" three measurement modes can be set

  • Measuring non-magnetic coatings on steel or iron and measure Non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic metal substrates in one gauge

Thanks to the use of the most-advanced digital probe technology, these sensors are unsusceptible to interference and provide an excellent measuring accuracy. Even variations in temperature will not affect measurement and readings remain stable to ensure a very good reproducibility over the complete measuring range.

  LS220 automotive painting thickness gaugehas one-year warranty. If the gauge works abnormally, please send the whole gauge to our company for maintenance.We promise that our performance is no worse than Qnix coating thickness gauge.

LS220 Coating thickness gauge

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