The Operation Method of Car Window Tint Tester

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  The automobile testing station and DMV always use Linshang LS110 Car Window Tint Tester to test the light transmittance of the car front-windshield, and to assess whether the vehicle meets the driving safety requirements based on this data . Now let me introduce the operation method of the LS110 Car Window Tint Tester:
  1. Press the "Power" button of the host and auxiliary machine respectively, align the red laser point of the host and the auxiliary,do not put any test material during this process.
  2. When the instrument display 100% light transmittance,it means that the instrument has passed the calibration, then the we can place it on both sides of the glass to take a test.
  3. Place the host on the outside of the car glass, so that reading will be more convenient, and the auxiliary machine on the inside of the car glass.Then we need to align the red laser points again. Now the screen shows the light transmittance of the car's front glass is 64%.

LS110Transmittance Meter

Car Window Tint Tester

  4. After the test we can press the "HOLD" button to lock the test data.In this way the instrument can be taken down to read the data, because the test results 64% still remain on the screen
  5. Test is finished, if you need to test again, you need to repress the "HOLD" button to unlock the data. Once the lock is unlocked, it can take a new test in the above method.
  LS110 Car Window Tint Tester has three visible light sources,but so it display the average value of three visible light transmittance values.This instrument can be used to measure the transmittance of the car's front glass, and it can be also used to detect the installed glass in the building.



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