Best UV LED Energy Meter—LS128 UV Power Puck

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The UV Power Puck LS128 is the world's first UV LED energy meter designed for UV LED light sources. This product is independently developed and produced by Linshang Technology. The instrument can be used to measure the intensity, energy, and test duration and temperature value of curing UV lamps.
    The Linshang Technology LS128 UV Energy Meter has been receiving the attention and trust of customers since its launch. This is because the LS128 UV Power Puck has many irreplaceable advantages.
    1. LS128 UV LED energy meter simultaneously measure intensity, energy, test duration and temperature, and display intensity and temperature curves.
At present, most UV power puck can only test energy values. From a single energy value, we may be able to judge whether the energy value increases or decreases, but it cannot be judged whether the energy value is reduced due to the attenuation of the ultraviolet light source or the damage of the ultraviolet light source.
      The UV LED energy meter LS128 can display the intensity value and energy value at the same time. Through the intensity curve, we can judge the intensity values of the multiple light sources in the curing machine and their distribution, and also record the test duration and temperature change. LS128 UV Power Puck can help users understand the curing process.
    2. LS128 UV LED energy meter supports data storage and export
The U disk of the Linshang LS128 UV LED energy meter stores a PC software. After installing it to the computer, the UV power puck can be connected to the PC software by using the USB cable. Through the software, we can export the intensity value and temperature curve of the PDF format, and also export the intensity value and temperature record data of the EXCEL format. Of course, you can print a test report if you need it.

LS128 UV Power puck test report

3. LS128 UV LED energy meter has ultra-large measurement range and large-capacity memory
      The UV power puck LS128 can measure the maximum intensity (power) value up to 40W/cm2, and the energy measurement range can reach 999999mJ/cm2, which is basically suitable for all LED light sources. It also has a large capacity memory storage function, the UV power puck can store nearly 60,000 intensity (power) data and 3800 temperature data.
    4. LS128 UV power puck supports a variety of bands of UV LED light source measurement
The spectral response range of the Linshang Technology LS128 UV LED Energy Meter is 340-420nm, it has a very good response to light of 365-405nm wavelength. Therefore, LS128 UV power puck is suitable for LED light source measurement in various wavelengths, including but not limited to the current common 365nm, 385nm, 395nm UV LED light source.
    In addition to the above advantages, the Linshang LS128
UV LED energy meter also has a high sampling speed of 2048 times/s. This advantage is unmatched by most other brands of UV power pucks. Although there are no industry standards for UV LEDs, the powerful function of the LS128 and the stability & consistency of the data can still help customers detect UV LED light source and confirm many parameters during the curing process.