Common Causes of Car Paint Film Damage

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The reasons why the damage to the automobile paint film reduces or even disappears are explained from the two aspects of natural factors and human factors. At the same time, the important application of the automotive paint meter in detecting the paint film thickness is also introduced in details.

automotive paint meter test the car
automotive paint meter test the car

I. What is car paint film?

Automobile paint film is a thin layer used for decoration and protection of automobile surface. Its specific composition includes four types: varnish layer, colored paint layer, middle coating layer and electrophoretic layer. Under normal circumstances, people will use the automotive paint meter to detect the car paint film thickness to determine whether it meets the standard.

With the continuous development of Chinese automobile industry, automobile decoration and painting have also undergone a transition from low-level to high-level. When testing with an automotive paint meter, the total coating thickness is often required to increase from 30-40um to 130-150um. This change initially meets the requirements of the automotive industry for the coating of vehicles of different grades. The total paint surface thickness of a modern car needs to be measured with an automotive paint meter, which is generally 80~120um. Some can even reach 150um.

II. Common causes of damage to automobile paint film

When we actually use the automotive paint meter, we always find that many cars have the problem of too thin paint film. As the vehicle life increases, this problem has become more prominent. Therefore, the reasons for the damage of the paint film are analyzed from the aspects of acid rain erosion, oxidation, scratches and improper maintenance.

1. Acid rain

Acid rain is a natural phenomenon, which mainly refers to the chemical reaction of acidic substances in the air. After rainfall, the rainwater contains more corrosive acidic substances. Since the composition of the car paint film contains metal elements. Acidic substances will react with it and then rust and even damage.

2. Oxidation

We should all know that the atmosphere contains moisture, oxygen and many other chemically active substances that will oxidize metal substances to varying degrees. As for the car paint film, when we use the automotive paint meter to detect it, we find that it becomes thinner. The color of the car paint will also change visually. This is because it is in contact with the air for a long time and will receive ultraviolet radiation for a long time. 

3. Scratches

It is a common occurrence in daily life that the car paint film is scratched. This kind of artificial scratch is also one of the reasons for the damage of the paint film. Many times, when people use the automotive paint meter to detect the car paint film thickness, they will find that the thickness of the area with a large scratch area is significantly lower than that of other intact parts.

4. Improper maintenance

People who have a car at home will often send it to the 4S shop for maintenance. And many times they will also do daily washing at home. Everyone knows that irregular car washing and waxing are also one of the reasons for the thinning of the car paint film. There are some inferior and non-compliant car wash products that will corrode the paint film layer.

III. Automotive paint meter

The automotive paint meter is widely used in the used car industry and vehicle maintenance. It can respond quickly in a short time and show data with reference value. Linshang Technology is an automotive paint meter supplier. There are conventional automotive paint meters LS220 and Bluetooth automotive paint meters LS220B to choose from.