Why is the Car Paint Meter Essential for Used Car Testing?

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1. What is car paint meter?

car paint meter

Car paint meter is an instrument specially used to detect the car paint surface thickness. LS220B second-hand car paint meter is a professional instrument used to detect the car paint surface thickness. The instrument can complete a measurement with only 0.5S. With temperature compensation function, it can be used at low temperature and ensure the stability and accuracy of test data. The LS220B second-hand car paint meter has Bluetooth function and can be connected to mobile phone App. In the software, customers can operate on the mobile phone App according to their own needs. After use, they can also generate and save test data.

2. The technology of spray painting

When the car has deep scratches and needs to be repainted, the original car paint surface of the part needs to be polished off; then putty gray is applied to the damaged location to smooth the damaged surface; the last is to adjust paint on the car again. The car paint meter is to check the paint surface thickness. The place where the paint is repainted is due to an extra layer of putty ash. Therefore, the larger the value detected by the LS220B car paint meter, the greater the thickness of the putty ash and the greater the damage to the part.

3. How to judge whether the paint data is normal?

Due to the use of used cars for a certain period of time, it is normal for sheet metal and paint to appear on the body due to scratches. However, paint spraying rarely occurs on the roof, unless the vehicle has been overturned. Therefore, when using a car paint meter, generally collect the paint data of the roof as a reference.

The normal paint data of Japanese cars is between 95 and 105. The paint is relatively thin;

The normal data of the German car paint surface is probably between 110 and 130. The car paint thickness is medium;

The normal data of the American car paint surface is probably between 120 and 150. The car paint is thick.

4. Second-hand car paint meter features:

  1. The car paint meter is a special instrument for the used car industry. It is easy to operate, just press and measure. It only takes 0.5 seconds to complete a measurement.

  2. The built-in probe of the car paint meter is compact and easy to carry.

  3. Car paint meter has Bluetooth function, can be connected to mobile phone App. The mobile phone App can record paint thickness of 17 parts of the car such as: car roof, engine compartment cover, left front wing, etc. Each item can save 8 sets of latest test data and display the type of substrate in each item column. Test report can also be generated.

  4. The probe of the used car paint meter is an iron and aluminum dual-use type, which can automatically identify the measurement substrate and quickly switch the measurement mode.

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