Application of Paint Thickness Meters in Fireproof Coating Industry

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Paint thickness meters are becoming more and more widely used in industry.The coating mainly includes common paint layers,fireproof layers, anti-corrosion layers.The measurement of coatings in modern industry has gradually introduced microcomputer technology. The measurement methods of the coating mainly include wedge cutting method, thickness difference measuring method, weighing method,optical cutting method, electrolysis method,fluorescent X-ray method, capacitance emission,magnetic measurement method,eddy current measurement method,β-ray back scattering method,etc.

1. Development of the paint thickness meter

Among them,the paint thickness meter using magnetic method and eddy current method has gradually developed into multi-functional,intelligent,miniature,high-precision and practical development.The measurement accuracy is up to 1% and the measurement resolution has reached 0.1μm.The main features are wide application range,large measuring range,simple operation and low price compared to imported products.Below we will find out the application of the paint thickness meter in the fire protection coating industry.

paint thickness meter

2. Application of paint thickness meter in the fire protection coating industry

Fire-retardant coatings are actually widely used in our applications, such as steel fire-retardant coatings,tunnel fire protection,cable fire protection, veneer fire protection, wood fire protection and train interior fire protection.There are three main types of fire retardant coatings.

  1. Non-intumescent fireproof coating,the main function is to completely block the fire source during combustion

  2. Carbonized coating can be formed during combustion,the main role is to delay the burning time and provide time for rescue.

  3. Fireproof coating,the main role is to increase the fire resistance of the material.

The thickness of the fireproof coating specified by the National GB14907-2002 "Steel Structure Fireproof Coating" is as follows. The thickness of the coating is measured by a paint thickness meter. Ultra-thin coating thickness:less than 3mm,thin coating thickness: 3-7mm,thick coating thickness:7-45mm.Fire-retardant coatings with a coating thickness of less than 3 mm are generally non-intumescent fire-retardant coatings and are the most widely used. Usually composed of adhesives, fireproof coatings, additives.If one of the three coatings does not meet the specified thickness, it may affect its fire resistance.

3. Shenzhen Linshang paint thickness meter

LS223 paint thickness meter

Usually we use the Linshang LS223+F5N3 paint thickness meter to check the fireproof coating thickness.From the above information,it is known that the fireproof coating thickness is relatively thick compared to the conventional coating.Therefore,a large-scale paint thickness meter is required to detect the fireproof coating thickness. Linshang LS223+F5N3 just met the demand for fireproof coating.

This instrument is not only large in scale, but also uses the Hall Effect and eddy current non-destructive measurement principle. The measuring interval is 0.5s with fast measuring speed and high precision.It is convenient to carry and you can measure the fireproof coating thickness wherever you want.

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