Car Paint Meter Working Principles

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I. Application industry of car paint meter

The car paint meter is widely used in the second-hand car testing industry. It is also used in industries such as electroplating, spraying; pipeline corrosion protection; aluminum profiles; steel structures; printed circuit boards and screen printing. Choosing a suitable high-performance car paint meter is very helpful in the work process and can effectively improve work efficiency.

II. Car paint meter working principles

1. Magnetic thickness measurement method

 It is applicable to the thickness measurement of the non-magnetic conductive layer on the magnetically conductive material. The magnetically conductive material is generally: steel\iron\silver\nickel. Generally, the magnetic car paint meter has high accuracy.

2. Eddy current thickness measurement method

It is applicable to the thickness measurement of the non-conductive layer on the conductive metal. This method is less accurate than the magnetic paint film thickness measurement method.

3. Ultrasonic thickness measurement method

 It is suitable for the measurement of multi-layer coating thickness or the occasion where the above two methods cannot be measured. The general measurement accuracy is not high.

4. Electrolytic thickness measurement method

It is not a non-destructive test, it needs to destroy the coating. The general accuracy is not high. It's cumbersome to measure.

5. Radiation thickness measurement method

This kind of instrument is very expensive and suitable for some special occasions.

car paint meter
car paint meter

III. Brief introduction of used car paint meter

The role of the car paint film is to protect the body from corrosion. The car paint film thickness is between 120 μm and 180 μm. The thickness of the car roof is the standard. In the second-hand car industry, the car paint film thickness is a standard for judging the car. A professional used car appraisal appraiser can detect the paint film thickness in this part of the car with a car paint meter to determine whether there is an accident.

LS220B second-hand car paint meter is a professional instrument used to detect the automotive paint thickness. The instrument can complete the measurement in only 0.5S and has a temperature compensation function. This car paint meter can be used at low temperatures and ensure the stability and accuracy of test data. The LS220B used car paint meter has Bluetooth function and can be connected to mobile phone software. In the software, customers can operate on the software according to their own needs. After use, they can also generate the test report and save test data.