Car Paint Thickness Gauge Evaluate Used Car

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As a means of transportation, automobiles are consumables. Its appearance and internal performance will gradually decline with the extension of use time. The paint protection layer surface is to play a role of less wear and tear. Many car owners will regularly carry out maintenance and repair. The car paint thickness gauge is a more reliable detection tool.

The application range of the car paint thickness gauge is very wide. It can quickly determine the car paint film thickness in a short time and judge its basic qualification. We often find it in automobile decoration shops, second-hand car markets, auto parts production plants, the vehicle management office, quality supervision station and other places.

Normally, the automobile paint film thickness is closely related to its protective performance. There is a lot of dust, sand and particulate matter in the air, they are physical to the loss of cars. Therefore, spraying a certain thickness of paint film on the car surface can prevent the invasion of external damage factors and directly affect the internal structure of the car. Then the specific value of this layer thickness needs to be determined by the car paint thickness gauge.

car paint thickness gauge

We should all know that most of the car's accessories are made of metal materials. They will chemically react with water and oxygen in the air, so that rust has lost its basic role. Then the protective layer of the car paint film has the function of isolating oxygen, moisture and other chemical gases. When we actually use the car paint thickness gauge to actually measure, it is easy to find that the thin film thickness is often easily damaged. The effectiveness of the protective layer is very low.

In addition to the most basic protective effect, the car paint film also has a decorative effect, which is what we often say about car paint modification. Many people who like cars with beautiful appearance and color, which not only meets their own aesthetics, but also greatly enhances the adhesion of the body to dust. Generally, when testing the actual thickness of the modified car paint, working staff in 4S shops will use the car paint thickness gauge together, which is more convincing and credible.

When we spray the car paint film, its specific paint film thickness will depend on the actual metal material of the vehicle. The paint film thickness of the ordinary plate needs to reach about 100 μm. The protective layer thickness of the galvanized material surface needs to reach 60 and 70 μm. The use of car paint thickness gauge can reduce the error between the thickness of the sheet as much as possible.

Different parts of the car have different requirements for the car paint film thickness. The thickness of the parts that are more worn is often higher. The outer cover of some vehicles (such as the roof, side wall outer panel, etc.) requires a slightly thinner car paint film. This is mainly related to its role and actual performance.

It should be noted that when we choose the car paint thickness gauge for actual measurement, we need to ensure that the car surface is clean enough to prevent the interference of other stains and dust on the test results. Some covering materials on the car body also need to be removed in time to avoid the use of car paint thickness gauges on curved and insufficiently smooth corners.