How To Measure Paint Thickness On A Car With Automotive Paint meter?

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How to measure paint thickness on a car, an automotive paint meter can help you. the paint thickness is relatively accurate with the Bluetooth automotive paint meter LS220B, which is helpful for the used car appraisal of second-hand vehicle appraisers. For the same car, the closer the thickness of the paint surface, the more stable the overall condition.

In the inspection of the basic condition of the used car, the appearance of the paint is the most basic. How to measure paint thickness on a car?Why not try an automotive paint meter

Experienced used car apprasiers tend to believe their experience, they can find the repaired positions by just examing the car paint. Automotive paint meter is a professional car paint thickness detection tool. Car paint condition can be analyzed by comparing the paint thickness of different positions. With intuitive data, the buyer can know the real car paint thickness condition.

When testing the paint thickness with an automotive paint meter (car paint thickness tester), the used car appraisers need to confirm the test points for sampling first. Then they can measure the average thickness of the paint surface. The closer the thickness of the paint surface is to the same car, the more stable the overall condition will be.

The data will be relatively accurate if we use the automotive paint meters to test the car paint thickness, which is beneficial to the used car appraisal of the novice second-hand car appraisers.

1. What is the automotive paint meter?

A automotive paint meter, as the name suggests, it can be used to measure the paint thickness on the surface of the automobile panel. The paint thickness can show you many things, according to this value, we can tell whether there happened repairement or repainting, and then appraise the condition of the automobile.

2. How to measure paint thickness on a car?

  1. First turn on the LS220B, then open the mobile phone APP already installed on the phone, then start searching for the device, click the same serial number as when the LS220B is turned on and the instrument is bind successfully.

  2. After the connection is successful, it will automatically jump to the main interface of the measurement and display the instrument information read.

  3. Then you can start the test and select the corresponding car position in the APP item column to measure. Each item bar can hold the latest 8 data. (There are 17 columns to test in total).

  4. After testing the car with the LS220B automotive paint meter, you can click the “preview report” button at the top of the app to view the test report. Click “Save” button to save the report in your phone's photo album or share a report to your friends.

LS220B automotive paint meter
LS220B automotive paint meter

3. Automotive paint meter used in -40℃ environment

LS230 and LS232 automotive paint meters are new products developed by Linshang Technology. The coating thickness gauge using LCD screen can’t display the data normally under low temperature environment, due to the physical characteristics of liquid crystal. Slow response speed, freeze, white screen and other phenomena will occur. Linshang LS230 and LS232 automotive paint meters use two OLED display screens and low temperature resistant electronic devices, which overcomes the low temperature display problem of traditional LCD screens and ensures that it can respond quickly and not freeze even in a low temperature environment of -40°C.  These two automotive paint meters has the same technical parameters with LS220 and LS220B. If you need to use the automotive paint meter in very cold places, you can choose LS230 or LS232. LS230 has one screen while LS232 car paint thickness tester has two screens on the top and front.

4. How to tell whether the used car was repaired or repainted?

We generally tell whether the used-car body is repainted, mainly by comparing the paint thickness with the original paint of the car. The thickness of the original paint is generally based on the position of the roof, because the probability of an accident on the roof is the smallest. Five points are evenly taken on the roof of the vehicle, and then use the automotive paint meter to measure the paint film thickness of the five points and calculate the average of the five values. Taking the average value as a reference value, and then measuring the paint thickness in other parts of the car, the data difference between 10-40 μm is a normal value.

Although in the used car appraisers industry, the data tested with the automotive paint meters is only used as an aid to the evaluation data. The specific car condition and price evaluation of the used car still requires a professional second-hand car appraiser to comprehensively test the vehicle components. After determining the condition of the car, the price can be determined.

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